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Sanyo eneloop Lamps

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

Sanyo Eneloop Lamp

Sanyo, parent of the Eneloop brand batteries, has come up with a lamp powered by 2 AA eneloop batteries (naturally.) The ENL-Y1S(W) can be used as a bedside table lamp with either white or blue light. It also doubles as a flashlight. The lamp will run for up to 35 hours shining white light, or 16 hours with blue light, depending upon brightness. Included in the ¥15,000 (~$156.00) price is a non-metallic contactless charging stand.

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ReUSaBle Batteries

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ReUSaBle BatteriesWe want some! We still adore our eneloop batteries that we haven’t had to charge in months, even though we use them almost daily, but we really admire the ingenuity of the ReUSaBle Batteries. When their juice starts to drain, simply plug them into any USB port or 250mA Ni-MH charger. An LED will let you know the status of the charge. A pair of the 2 x AA size batteries (1.2V at 1450mAh) will cost you $19.15, well worth the amount considering that they will eventually save you money and the planet.

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Four More Reasons to Go eneloop

eneloop adaptersWe have extolled the virtues of Sanyo’s rechargeable batteries before, but we are so psyched on them that we found more reasons to invest in them.

  • One eneloop = 1000 alkaline batteries.
  • We still haven’t had to recharge them after a month of constant use.
  • You can use eneloops in most other brands’ chargers.
  • With a free coupon when we bought them, we got these super-kewl adaptors. You only need one AA battery in each to turn them into C or D batteries.

No, we don’t work for the company, but it is certainly a blessing to find a product that does what is says. We would like everyone to be enelooped.

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Unboxing: eneloops Are Awesome!

eneloopsThe results are in. If you want some decent rechargeable batteries, Sanyo’s eneloops are the way to go. We do a lot of Flipvideoing and lately have been doing some extensive audio interviews, so it came down to purchasing a gazillion batteries from our local dollar store or finding some decent rechargeables that would last more than 12 hours.

While we found plenty of them for very little bucks, we learned a long time ago not to rely on any name in electronics that was unfamiliar. That being said, on a budget less than $39.95 we had our choice of Sony or the eneloops. Since Sony doesn’t have the greatest track record for batteries, we decided to test drive the latter, which comes with four AAs. Full details after the jump.

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i-Sobot is a Mini-Me in Robotics

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i-SobotTomy has announced what they claim to be the world’s smallest humanoid bot. Available in white in Japan and black in the U.S., i-Sobot stands only 165 mm (~6.5-inches) and weighs only 350g (~12.4 oz.) He has 17 micro actuators and a gyro-sensor for balance and doing jigs. All told, he makes 200 movements including somersaults, speaks 180 words, and responds to voice commands. The first product sold with Sanyo’s next generation rechargeable Eneloop battery, i-Sobot can be yours October 25 for 30,000 Yen (~$250.00.)

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Sanyo’s Solar Charger Saves Juice

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Sanyo solar chargerWhile we’re on the subject of saving energy, Sanyo’s N-SC1S Solar Charger can recharge their eneloops in about 2.5 hours and also features a USB port, enabling you a DC 5V and 500mA output. Eneloops internal lithium ion batteries can be utilized on your iPod, cell phone, PSP, or MP3 player, although it will take an agonizing 6 days to reach a full charge. The Solar Charger was developed as a part of Sanyo’s ongoing “Evolution Project” and will be available in Japan in November for ¥20,000 (~$170.)

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