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Fotopedia Collaborative Photo Encyclopedia

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Fotopedia ScreenshotCross Flickr and Wikipedia and you get Fotopedia. Users are encouraged to create or edit pages, add their own photos from their PCs or other image sites and include a Google map and Wikipedia information. Included are the categories of geography and travel, nature, transportation, sports, people and history, art and popular culture. So far the site has over 150,000 images that can be made into slide shows for the curious.

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Microsoft to Discontinue Encarta

Encarta logoThose of us who remember the happiness of finding Encarta included in our early PC purchase are somewhat saddened by the announcement that it will soon no longer be available. The software will cease after June and most sites will shut down by October 2009. Japan will cut theirs off in December. Microsoft commented, “People today seek and consume information in considerably different ways than in years past.”

We know they mean Wikipedia, yet the concept of one disc replacing an entire set of encyclopedias was certainly high tech at the time. And the better images used by Encarta will definitely be missed.

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German Wikipedia To Be Printed

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WikipediaIt seems that Wikipedia is entering the real world, beginning in Germany. The company is planning to publish a hardcover copy of the Internet tome to be named “The One-Volume Wikipedia Encyclopedia.” It will be composed of 50,000 of the 740,000 most searched terms. The first volume, which will be printed in September, may be a hint of things to come, as well as a new chapter in how to make money for Wikipedia. Remember to uncap your red pen to anonymously update and edit the book on its first read-through.


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Brian the Brain, Know-it-All

Meet Brian, whose brain contains The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, an English dictionary, and a world history timeline. He utilizes voice recognition or keyboard to respond, and can store phone numbers and dial via a phone jack, ask questions, and tell some really corny jokes. Brian contains an MP3 player jack, an integrated speaker, a digital clock, a calendar, and has thousands of bits of trivia stored inside his glowing, color-changing brain. At a size of 13.75 x 11.75 x 10-inches, the Brain is powered by three AAA batteries (not included,) includes a free 3-month subscription to Britannica On Line, and will be ready to play “Jeopardy” with you around October 19 for $119.95.


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No More Instant-Edit on Wikipedia

Wikipedia logoIt seems that Wikipedia is finally getting wise to those who would slant articles. The Vatican and Disney were sited as examples of organizations who did just that. “Ordinary” users will no longer be able to edit for instant changes, but instead will be checked out by “trusted editors,” those who “have proven their commitment to Wikipedia by posting 30 reliable changes within 30 days.”

Wait, there’s more. Apparently the CIA has found altered information on former presidents such as Nixon and Reagan. The changes will begin in the German version which supposedly has a higher accuracy rating, and will move on from there.

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