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BlackBerry PlayBook hacked to run iPad apps

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BlackBerry PlayBook

A BlackBerry developer known as Businesscat2000 has accomplished an impressive feat--he was able to hack his BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to run iOS apps. As you can see in the video footage after the break, this enterprising chap is able to run iPad apps on his RIM tablet, and even gets iOS apps running on a Windows PC.

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iPhone runs Windows 95, we’re scared

Oh yes, my friends, the can run Windows 95. Sure, it’s not as easy as downloading it from the App Store or anything, but still, you’ve gotta give mad props to a dev who can work this kind of magic on a jailbroken iPhone. Check out the video above for a glimpse of both the past and the future. Hold us.

[via Gizmodo]

PSP Firmware 3.00 Offers “Remote Play” With PS3

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XMB Sony recently released the 3.00 firmware update for the PSP, and the main feature added is support for “Remote Play” on the Playstation 3. This firmware will allow gamers to download Playstation 1 games to the PSP through the Playstation 3 online store, but it also adds media streaming to the PSP. Game|Life took a quick pass at the new firmware, and highlighted some of the features implemented. Gamers can access the PS3 Cross Media Bar and view movies, pictures, and music from the hard drive of the PS3, or other external media devices.

Internet play is not supported at this point; that feature may be added later, but for now, the connection is made via an ad-hoc wireless network connection. PS3 game playing isn’t functional either, and the ad-hoc connection can not be used as a wireless access point. Still, it seems like the feature does have potential, and when PS1 games become available it will be interesting to see how well the games play in emulation.

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Playstation 3 to Emulate SEGA and TurboGrafx

Sega TurboGrafx

The Playstation 3’s price cut isn’t the only new information coming out of the Tokyo Game Show from Sony.  It is well known that the PS3 will support some backwards compatibility with PSOne and PS2 games, but now it has been announced that the PS3 will also be able to play Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx games.  The games are likely going to be media downloads, but it may be possible that CD’s or DVD’s will become available including packages of games.  Man it’d be cool to play the Sonics all over again! I wonder if 32X, SegaCD, Saturn and Dreamcast games will be added to the list.

I think Nintendo should be a little more hush-hush with their ideas in the future. They announced their motion sensitive controller, so Sony updated theirs to incorporate motion sensitivity.  The Wii was announced to play older Nintendo games, and Sony again follows suit with old Sega and TurboGrafx games.  Microsoft even jumped on this wagon by starting to offer old arcade games for download on XBOX Live. Being a Genesis and even Master System fan, I am extremely excited about this news, but a little upset that it took an idea from Nintendo to get Sony to add this functionality.

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