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EMIEW 2Hitachi has released a new toddler-sized bot, the 31.5-inch tall, 29 lb. EMIEW 2. Designed to be a gofer, he can understand human speech, find his way through obstacles with the help of a gyrosensor, and move from two wheels to four. This second generation of EMIEW (which stands for “excellent mobility and interactive existence as workmate”) is about 20 inches shorter and quite a bit lighter than his predecessor. Hitachi has yet to say just when the bot will be available for commercial use. We are glad to welcome him to the family of robotics, whenever the due date.

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Hitachi Bot Sports Sensory Laser

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hitachi emiewIt just keeps getting scarier. Hitachi’s EMIEW (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate) is now equipped with a sensory laser for navigation. The new bot will make its debut at the 2006 WAC (World Automotive Congress) in Japan which begins October 23.

The EMIEW keeps its balance using internal gyroscopes. It can locate its owner by voice recognition and can perform basic household chores, such as retrieving items from other rooms. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t aim that laser on the cat.

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