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Spam Lists Circulate in E-Mail

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Editorial, Internet, Misc. Tech,

SpamHave you ever wondered how you get on spam lists? Aside from the obvious way of signing up for sites and having them spread around your name and e-addy, we received this scam

offer in our e-mail for a list of almost 800,000 licensed MDs in the U.S. from Denmark. It features over 17,000 e-mail addresses as well as primary and secondary specialties fields, first and last name, title, address (city, state, zip, and county), medical school attended, location of residency training, phone, fax, website, graduation year, and hospital or group association. The price for this supposed prize is $397.00 and comes with a bonus list of hospitals, dentists, and other health related industries tossed into the deal. How’s that for feeling a Big Brother pinch?


Track Sent Email With DidTheyReadIt.com

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Internet,

Email iconRemember way back (and by that we mean mid-to-late ‘90s), when it was all about AOL? We fondly remember the handy “return receipt” feature in which you were notified when a fellow AOL’er received the email you sent. We’ve always wondered when someone would invent a free service enabling this feature for other email clients. The wait is over: go to DidTheyReadIt.com and sign up. Then, for every person you send a missive to, add “.DidTheyReadIt.com” (note that it starts with a dot) to the end of their email address in order to track it. And no, your ex

mom won’t see those words—or be aware the email is being tracked. Once your someone opens an email, you will be notified of when they opened it, how long they viewed it, and even where, geographically, it was read. Cool and useful, if slightly creepy in a Big-Brother-is-Watching sort of way. Note that it only works if you’re sending from a Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or Mac email address.

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