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BRITISH COMICS: Viz 187, The Fat Slags and Elton John

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Reviews

Now this is comedy, but it’s not for children. This is funny stuff for adults who need a few giggles over bodily functions, naughty words, and sexual situations. Viz #187 (August 2009) has a lot of great strips featuring The Fat Slags, The Drunken Bakers, Mr. Logic, Biffa Bacon and Cedric Soft, Aesop’s Cables (with a heartwarming fable about his bathroom habits), and a “super-hero” called The Brown Bottle who derives his courage from drinking a six-pack. PC Hubble and PC Bubble are two cops who take their jobs very seriously in a humorous 2009 abuse of power way. Even the girls of St. Bridget’s School get into the act when they find a man – an “inconsequential piece of celebrity flotsam” - in the backyard and try to keep him as a pet.

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Limited Edition EJAF Starburst iPod nano

EJAF nanosElton John’s organization EJAF has teamed with Goldgenie to release a limited edition iPod nano. Only 100 of each of the 9 colors are available. Each has 250 Swarovski crystals, is laser engraved with the artist’s signature and the EJAF logo. Pre-order an 8GB for £399.99 (~$598.00) and a 16GB for £449.99 (~$672.00.) Included in the price is a copy of “Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits” CD. At least 12.5% of the Starburst players will go towards the organization that benefits HIV/AID programs.

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