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Cocoon Innovations Cases With Grid System


Cocoon Innovations features an interesting line of bags and cases with an organized, internal “grid” system to keep your MP3 player, cell phone, accessories and cords tidy. The material is flexible elastic fabric that can work in any configuration you can devise. The company calls their design “a place where technological extensions of our lives and work could be kept safe and organized.” We call them a OC perfection. Contact Cocoon for prices.


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Gentlemen, Launch Your Chickens

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Flying ChickenWe don’t know why we are always attracted to flying gadgets. Maybe it stems from boredom at work and the search for the perfect replacement for the spitwad. The Flying Screaming Chicken is approximately 30 cm in length and is made with elastic wings. Insert your finger in his head, pull back, and he off he goes, squawking as he flies. (You would probably squawk too, if somebody flung you.) The Chicken is available at Gobaz, batteries included, for only £3.49 ($6.81.)

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Bleeding Edge TV 141: The OmegaSatter MonsterPod

We talk with Mike Hullet of OmegaSatter, the company that makes the MonsterPod. The MonsterPod is a tripod without legs, great for situations where you don’t have a stable place for a tripod. It can be attached to just about any surface. It has a visco-elastic, putty-like polymet base, so you can mount it to things like trees, rocks, brick, or anything you can find. Then you connect your camera to it, and you can take your image in just about any situation. You can pick one up for $34.99 USD.