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Comic Book Jobs: Star Wars

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Dark Horse Comics

Knight Errant AflameLucas Licensing, that tiny little division of the massive Star Wars empire, is looking for a new Emperor, I mean, Senior Editor.

You'll be "responsible for all aspects of development, editing and approvals for the adult fiction and comics program." Sound great yet?

There's more, of course, by why bother reading when you could be dropping your resume over there Right. This. Second.

Here's some more in case you're not convinced yet: "Creatively develop new storylines for Star Wars fiction/comics to maintain and grow our readership."

Or how about this: "Work with publishers and Publishing team to identify appropriate writers and/or illustrators for each project."

You'll need some education, of course, and at least "5-7 years of publishing experience and 3-5 years as an editor" but that is nothing compared to your nerd cred: "Solid knowledge and demonstrated interest in Lucasfilm brands" and "solid knowledge of SW fiction (expanded universe)."

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Knight Errant: Aflame, a new trade paperback from Dark Horse, coming in August and © Lucasfilm]


Comic Book Jobs: Abrams ComicArts

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Interviews

ShazamAbrams ComicArts, the graphic novel portion of the mighty Abrams company, is looking for an Editorial Assistant to help nudge their books along.

You have to be an “organized, detail-minded individual with a demonstrated interest in graphic novels or illustrated books to provide administrative and editorial assistance to an editorial director and publishing director.” Got all that?

It really means trafficking, filing, collating proofreading and any task the editor doesn’t want to do or doesn’t have time to do.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and 1-2 years of publishing and/or office experience, and the usual publishing software skills.

Abrams ComicArts does some really nice books, so this’ll certainly look good on your resume.

Salary is in the low $30s, so you’d pretty much have to already be living in NYC to make this happen.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Shazam by Chip Kidd, one of the books from Abrams ComicArts]

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Comic Book Jobs: British Comics

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

ToxicToxic, one of the wacky British comics magazines (that competes with Dandy and The Beano) is looking for an "Experienced sub-editor/writer."

What's a sub-editor, you may ask? Well, in the US, it means copy editor, but here it means you'd be the acting assistant editor.

Toxic is published by Egmont, the huge Scandanavian publishing conglom. The mag is for boys aged 7-12, and in addition to articles and such on sports and movies and pop culture, they also feature jokes, comics and competitions. As they say, "anything and everything that’s in a boys life. Especially if it makes him laugh."

Egmont UK is seeking a "creative and experienced person with a proven track record in sub-editing & writing & general." Experience in digital and online "would be an advantage," but above all they want someone "enthusiastic about children’s publishing!"

If you're interested, then you'd better hurry. The listing closes on March 25.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Toxic, © Egmont]

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Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Egmont UK’s Toxic!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Toxic Crazy Comics 1Toxic Magazine is one of those things I always pick up whenever I’m in England because it’s such a goofy kid-friendly mix of comics, pop culture and fart jokes for kids 7-12. They’re up to issue #167, so I’m probably not the only person picking it up (though maybe one of the few over 12).

Now, Egmont, the giant Scandinavian publishing behemoth, is looking for an editor for Toxic to join their London office. But not just any editor: they want “an experienced and visionary editor to take this brand-leading title to its next level of development, working in close collaboration with the commercial team.”

So if you’ve got that all-important track record “in editorial innovation and product development” and are “enthusiastic about children’s publishing,” you could make a nice life for yourself at Toxic. Probably helps if you already live in the UK, but no job listing is perfect.

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How To Get A Raise From Marvel Comics

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics

marvelution When Marvel Comics made some rapid-fire changes to their business model back in 1995, they called it Marvelution. In addition to pulling out of the traditional Direct Market distribution channels and buying Heroes World so they could self-distribute their books, Marvel divided all of their books into five “families,” each with its own editor-in-chief.

They also issued a little booklet to help explain their new world order and to try to answer questions from an anxious public that included retailers, consumers, and their freelance artists and writers.

The little 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch black and white saddle-stitched booklet was the 1995 Marvel Editorial Handbook, and there’s a part that freelancers of the day might’ve been the most interested in - how to get a raise under the new system Marvel had just installed.

Here’s that section of the handbook:

“Q: Are the processes for establishing and raising rates going to change under the new structure?

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Retro-Reimaginings of The Dark Knight Trailer

Posted by Kris Madden Categories: Movies, DC Comics

2008’s The Dark Knight was not the first time Batman faced off against his archenemy Joker on the big screen, or even the small screen. Thanks to YouTube’s community of film-editing hobbyists, there are three trailers for previous Batman films replaced with the audio track from The Dark Knight trailer. Enjoy.

Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

The best treatment of The Dark Knight trailer’s audio is a clip made from episodes of the early 90’s TV cartoon Batman: The Animated Series. The cartoon becomes a Gothic “Hanna-Barbera” nightmare and seamlessly goes along with soundtrack as if it was meant to be that way all along.

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Grace TAPE2USB Puts Cassettes on Computer

TAPE2USBNow you can skip the middle man

gadget and record your old cassette tapes directly to PC or Mac. The Grace TAPE2USB is fully functional and has a built-in 2.5-inch speaker with volume adjustment. The plug and play device has a counter, RCA connections for plugging into your home stereo and Audacity software included for editing. Once you download, you can listen to your tunes via any media player, burn them on a disc or upload to your MP3 player. The TAPE2USB has a $129.99 price.

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Kodak Zx1 Digital Camcorder

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cameras

Kodak Zx1 CamcorderKodak has introduced the Zx1 Digital Video Cam, their entry into the inexpensive pocket-sized camcorders. Weather resistant and usable in bright or low lighting, it captures 720p HD at 60 fps and has a 2.0-inch LCD screen. It has an expandable SD/SDHC Card slot for memory of up to 32 GB, giving it up to 10 hours of HD video. Available in 5 different colors this April, a remote is optional and it has ArcSoft Media Impressions software for editing and uploading to YouTube and other sites. An HDMI cable and AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are included in the $149.99 price.

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Kaiser Baas Video to DVD Maker

Kaiser Baas DVD MakerMake this the year that you finally get rid of your old VHS tapes and convert them to discs. Kaiser Baas’ Video to DVD Maker does just what it says. With a simple plug-and-play USB 2.0 interface, connect your player or camcorder. Then capture, edit, and put on DVDs to view or upload to iPod, PSP or YouTube. Compatible with both Mac and PC, the DVD Maker comes with PowerProducer for burning and PowerDirector for uploading. Check with system requirements as old computers may have a problem. In black, white or red, the price is a decent $79.95.

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Samsung HZ1 Point and Shoot Camera

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cameras, Corporate News

Samsung HZ1

Samsung has unveiled its point and shoot HZ1 with a 24mm wide angle lens with 10x zoom. At a size of 105 x 61.4 x 36.5mm, the camera also features a 2.7-inch TFT LCD (230k pixels) and a movie mode of HD 720p resolution at 30 fps. Included in the package is Samsung’s Digital Contents Management with Perfect Portrait System, face and blink detection, smile shot, self-portrait, red eye fix, and beauty shot. With no price or availability details out yet, it made its debut at the Photokina show in Germany.

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