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$#*! My Dad Says Poses DVR Problems

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Comedy, Prime Time, CBS, DVR, News, Video,

Curious to know whether the CBS series $#*! My Dad Says is as hilarious as the Twitter feed it’s based upon? Then you might want to double-check your TiVo now.

Although network execs thought symbols would be the smartest way to get around the profanity in the comedy’s real title, they probably didn’t take into account DVRs when they came up with the name. Even if viewers could remember the exact way CBS chose to arrange the characters, they probably wouldn’t be able to find them on their recording devices.

This is why CBS has now provided us with instructions.

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Did Your DVR Cut Off Glee? See the Last Song Here

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Comedy, Music, Prime Time, FOX, Video,

If you were relying on your DVR to record last night’s episode of , you might have noticed one thing missing: the ending of your show.

Thanks to an overrun from American Idol (do we really need four judges talking??), “” episode got off to a late start. The clip above starts immediately after - POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD - Finn and Jesse St. James leave Rachel to talk about a Madonna song. (No - the random appearance of the choir is never explained.)

Click after the jump to hear a bonus track - Jonathan Groff (Jesse) singing “Burning Up” - that never made it into the show.

(NOTE: Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that FOX will repeat the same episode this Friday night at 9 pm/ET.)

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Blockbuster Access on TiVo

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Movies,

Blockbuster/Tivo logoIf you own a TiVo, then you will soon be able to access Blockbuster’s OnDemand service. Compatible with broadband connected TiVo Series2, Series3, TiVo HD and TiVo HD XL DVRs, users will be allowed to rent and buy movies. Both companies will utilize cross-marketing and, as part of the deal, Blockbuster will sell TiVos on their site as well as in their stores. Plans to feature Netflix and Amazon will still continue, so it looks as though this is a win-win-win for TiVo. Expect the new service to begin in the second half of this year. Sign up with TiVo to be notified of the changeover.

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Technology Battles Primetime, Networks Don’t Give Up

Cast of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money

Thanks to tape recorders, DVR, video on demand, webcasts, and more, statistics have revealed that not only have the 27 series that premiered last year bombed, but nearly 9% of viewers went M.I.A. since last year.

Okay, okay, so maybe it’s not completely technology’s fault. After all, studios do allow their episodes to be streamed online, and yeah, there was that little itty-bitty writer’s strike that went on for 100 days. Either way, network executives are always battling /DVR systems, although no one knows for sure just why they stream their own episodes online. Thankfully, they haven’t given up on us. Instead, they’re getting a bit more creative.

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Does Tivo Reveal a Survivor Elimination?

Survivor Micronesia

Warning: Possible spoiler ahead!

I’m not sure if my recent discovery was merely a coincidence, but I found it quite interesting.  While going through my DVR for the week, I noticed this Sunday’s finale left out one name from its summary.

For those who own Tivos, it’s not uncommon to see names of actors and/or competitors in a show description.  But when a reality show only has five challengers left, does it mean something when only four of them are listed?

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Can TiVo Predict the American Idol Losers?

American Idol Logo

Does your DVR know something you don’t?

According to TMZ, insiders at TiVo claim they have accurately predicted the losers for the past four weeks in a row.  How?  By monitoring how a sample of owners have used their systems during the broadcast.

Those performances which have been rewound are considered favorites (because people for some reason like to watch those things more than once) while songs that have been fast-forwarded through are deemed less viewer-friendly.

Interested in finding out who might be sent home this week? Read on!

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