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Amazon Opens Unbox Video Download Service

Amazon Unbox Opens

As predicted and speculated, Amazon’s Unbox Video Download Service has gone live, offering full-length movies and TV shows they day after they are premiered. Apple, however, doesnt necessarily have to be worried quite yet. Unbox’s prices are a little on the high end of the spectrum, with the lowest priced films at just under $10 whereas recent releases are nearly $20. Prices on TV shows though match that of iTunes, available for $1.99.

Unsurprisingly, the downloads have a Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme to them, but Amazon says that the videos are PlaysForSure compatible. Unfortunately, rentals are rather restictive. Upon download, there are a 30-day time limit to begin watching the video and after the video has been opened, it will delete itself after just 24 hours. The files can also only be played using Amazon’s Unbox Video Player, which currently is only Windows-compatible.

As a starting incentive and to celebrate their store opening, Amazon is offering a free video or rental with a $1.99 instant rebate on your first purchase.

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