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Cymascope May Translate Dolphin Language

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Science,

John ReidAcoustics engineer John Stuart Reid and American dolphin researcher Jack Kassewitz are working on a Cymascope, a device that allows dolphin-speak to be converted into graphics on a screen. The eventual hope is that the pair can translate that into words. They are starting with basic verbs and nouns and will work their way up into a conversation. Since humans cannot hear many of the sounds, the visual graphics will aid in deciphering. While this goal may not be reached in the foreseeable future, one day they may just find that dolphins have been laughing at us all along for our puny minds.

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Green takes less cash to remain starter

Posted by Brendon Lindsey Categories: Athletes, NFL,

Trent Green, the two time Pro Bowl quarterback the Kansas City Chiefs recently traded to the Miami Dolphins, has apparently taken a cut in pay to play for the Dolphins, resulting in a contract worth $10 million less than what he received from Kansas City.

Even though the base pay is significantly less than he would have received had he stayed with KC (and had they decided to actually keep him rather than go young), the bonuses and incentives in his Miami ink can help make up for that. In 2007, Green will have a base salary of $1.5 million, with a signing bonus of $1 million and a workout bonus of $100,000. If Green can remain active for the entire season, he’ll net a nice $200,000 a week for an active status. If Green manages to stay healthy all year, that’s a bonus of $3.5 million just for not being hurt.

Assuming Green has a good year (including a decent playoff run [snicker]), he’ll be able to earn up to $2.5 million in bonuses. In 2008, Green’s base pay will be $2.8 million with $600,000 in bonuses, and 2009 will net Green $3.5 million in base pay with another $600,000 in bonuses. Even with bonuses his final two seasons on his contract are far below what he would have earned with Kansas City, but that doesn’t really matter, as there’s no way Kansas would have kept him on long enough to pay for those two years.

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