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Gefen HDMI Switcher

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Gefen SwitcherGefen’s HDMI Switcher sends HD video from 4 1.3 video sources, such as DVDs players and satellite systems at 340MHz up to1080p on your TV. Control is done by the included remote and it remembers the current selection. If you add another source and that one loses power, it goes back to the previous device. It also features lip-sync pass through, XV color support, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master support, and CEC pass through. The switcher, which is HDCP compliant, comes with a MSRP of $199.00.

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Backyard Drive-In Theater

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Drive-in ScreenFood Machines

When was the last time you drove by an old abandoned drive-in and longed for the good old days? Kevin Van did more than just wish. He decided to create one in his back yard. Not only did he set up his own retractable 16:9 screen, he restored nine vintage drive-in speakers that now play Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound on his deck and 2-channel stereo near his pool. And of course this home theater would not be complete without a popcorn popper, hot dog steamer, and a nacho machine and chili warmer so that he can get the carbs that go with the screenings. The rest of us can check out his entire equipment list and still dream.


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OPPO DV-983H Upconverting DVD Player

OPPO dv-983h

Just in time for Father’s Day, has released another upconverting DVD player. The DV-983H produces even better details, color, and a picture closer to HD. Hook it up to your HDTV and turn standard DVDs into high-def 1080p. The player can also convert PAL to NTSC and is multi-level zoom capable. And for those music videos, the DV offers 7.1 channel audio with Dolby Digital Surround EX. Your dad will probably hand you the keys to his vacation home if you present him with this as a gift at a price of $399.99, which can be purchased online at the OPPO store.

By the way, we got a look at the OPPO 980H PL unit and were incredibly impressed with it and all its features. However, if you do not have an it will not upconvert your standard DVDs.

(Thanks, Noe)

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