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DoInk Simplified Animation

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Enjoy, discuss and create animation. That is the description that DoInk uses to describe their super-easy online drawing tool that needs only Java to work. Similar to Paint, drag and drop others’ single shots or animation or come up with your own and share it. The online app also leaves ghosts to help animate and can layer clone individual frames that are adjustable. When completed, you can email it, put it on your blog or social network for others to appreciate.


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WWE RAW Reflections (11/12)

Batista and Undertaker face-offMonday Night RAW kicked off tonight with a surprise appearance from Friday Night Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. How long has Batista been doing this? He is still an absolute nightmare on the microphone. He delivers all of his lines with the excitement of a brick and the cadence of Christopher Walken. Thank god for an equally surprising appearance by The Undertaker. Nothing like a little hype for Survivor Series at the top of the show. I still wish they’d make ’Taker look pale and give him purple boots and gloves.

Just to point out how bad Batista is, when discussing his “Hell in the Cell” match against The Undertaker this Sunday, he said, “Weapons are not only welcome … they’re allowed.” Stunning words. Absolutely stunning words.

The code has officially been cracked - when will the man behind SAVE_US.222 be revealed? Find out after the jump.

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