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PetsCell, for Dogs That Want to Keep in Touch

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Similar to the Hear Now that we introduced you to last fall, PetsMobility’s PetsCell is a waterproof GPS tracker that will notify you when your furry friend steps outside a pre-programmed area. In addition, the collar has a built-in cell phone so that you can chat with your pooch, or for others to contact you should your dog stray a little too far from home. The company also features PawTrax, an online system to track your pooch via the Internet that includes a sensor to keep track of the temperature surrounding your pet. Now we’re thinking, how far away will your pet be that you need to use that particular capability? Contact PetsMobility for price and availability.

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The Hear Now Pet-Tracker

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If you are a pet owner, this new product is definitely up your alley. The Hear Now is based on a 2-way radio communication system that you control with a handheld walkie-talkie. Place The Hear Now around your dog’s neck and you can communicate with Fido from as far away as 12 miles. It also has LED that is visible up to 2 miles.

This pet-tracking and communication device was created by Simon Wilby in Calgary, who is also company president.  “Lost pets in the urban and rural areas is a substantial problem. The Hear Now will help facilitate a quick recovery.” Future models will include instant GPS and GPRS tracking capabilities that could be sent directly to your palm, blackberry, or voice mail. Also in development is geo-fencing (invisible boundaries for your pet) which will alert you if Fido decides to visit the poodle down the block.

The HearNow also comes in a harness model for cats, a halter model for horses, and can be attached to a wheelchair. Greg Miller, who is in charge of worldwide distribution, told Gearlive that can be pre-ordered on line and will be available in about 4 weeks in retail outlets. Prices range from $199.99 to $259.99. We think that this is a much better solution than zapping Fido every time he tries to leave the yard or fitting him with a nasty electronic implant. 

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