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Bleeding Edge TV 178: New iMac RAM Upgrade On The Cheap

While the release of the newly redesigned aluminum and glass have been fantastic, the fact that they ship with just 1 GB of RAM by default isn’t so exciting. We knew immediately that this called for a RAM upgrade in the iMac, and we were happy to find that installation has gotten easier and easier as new iMac models are released (although there is a particular spot of trouble, which is featured at the end of the video in the outtakes.) In the past, we been both disappointed and delighted with iMac RAM installation. In this episode, we show you how to upgrade the RAM in the new iMac in a step-by-step manner - at a far less expensive price than you would have to pay to do it. Hit the video for the full scoop.


DIY Clock Competition for Timely Inventors

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Contest ClockWe have found another DIY contest for those of you that sit up and take notice at the mention of the word competition, thinking this could be your big break. To enter the Montreal-based FurniCreations’ challenge, you must either purchase their simple LED Clock Kit, (which comes with a display, breakout board with buttons, and a power supply,) or print out their cut out version and come up with your own design. The contest will be going on until January 1, 2008, so that you will have plenty of time to plan your project. The winner’s design will be added to their spring lineup and will receive 50% of the profits earned. Even if you don’t win, your creation will be included on the site for others to see how you spend your time.

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DIY: The LED Picnic Blanket

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LED Picnic Blanket
We at Gear Live rarely cater to the craftsy, DIY, “Maker Faire”-types (you know who you are), so here’s a little something for you: The LED Picnic Blanket. It’s a water-resistant blanket that glows with romantic lights, perfect for an evening date with that special someone. Plus, it has a hard center, so that sangria won’t spill all over the grass and ruin the mood. Being more gadgety than craftsy, we wish we could just buy this blanket, but until someone patents it, click below to learn how to make it.

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Make Your Own Green Lantern Ring

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Mods / Hacks,

Green Lantern RingsGreen Lantern devotee “Honus” has built his own versions of the original ring, including one that glows. Posting on Instructables, he shows every step but cautions that the ring cannot be sold, even by him (copyright issues, don’t you know.) Still, if you have a smidgen of talent in the area of jewelry-making and access to silver or resin casting supplies, you might give it a shot and make DC Comics glow with happiness because you honored one of their own.

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Inventor Builds His Own Solar-Powered Vehicle

Solar Powered Car Yes, it looks huge, klunky, difficult to navigate and impossible to park. But hey, when’s the last time you built your own solar-powered car? Which is why we give inventor Saqr Bin Saif serious props for building his own environmentally-friendly vehicle. The DIY car utilizes four 170 watt solar panels, two batteries, and was built in only three months. Bin Saif’s baby can only reach a speed of up to 50 mph, but hey, it’s a start, and we look forward to his next car, which he promises will be more compact and faster.

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T-SAN Laptop Batteries and Electronic Components

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For those of you out there who would rather stick to your current computer setup rather than upgrading to something more recent (like, say, ), you may want to check out T-SAN Electronics for future reference. Based in Southern California, the company is an Electronic Component Distributor that stocks an extensive inventory of semiconductors, integrated circuits, batteries, and the like - even if they are otherwise hard to find or obsolete. As they put it in their message to us, “If you need a diode for a 1997 ASUS motherboard, we got it.”

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iFixit Mac and iPod Parts & Upgrades

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I am sure many of us have experienced the horror (or heartache, if you want to look at it that way) of a dropped, smashed, or otherwise broken gadget. The folks at iFixit aim to soften the blow somewhat, at least if your destroyed gadget is an iPod or Mac computer. They sell just about every part imaginable for almost all iPods that have ever been released, from the 1st generation model all the way up to the newest iPod 5th generation. In fact, the only iPod parts they don’t sell are for the second generation iPod shuffle. We expect that will change soon enough.

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Bleeding Edge 056: How To Turn A Human Into A Borg

So, at the last Mind Camp event that Gear Live put on, Jesse transformed Sparky into a borg. We figured that, with both Halloween on the horizon, as well as the next Mind Camp happening next month, we would relive this amazing feat. Check out the video for some serious movie make-up action, along with the always crazy antics of Sparky - only this time, in Borg style.

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Bleeding Edge Byte 027: The Time Fountain, Behind The Scenes

Unless you dropped off the face of the earth a few weeks ago, you probably ran across our own Nate True’s Time Fountain. In case you missed it, do a quick search and you will find it all over the Internet. We decided to take a closer look at what makes the Time Fountain tick. If you were amazed by the original video, consider this your “behind the scenes” look, explaining how the DIY project works.

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