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Toy Story 3D Midway Mania

It’s been a while since we have been to a Disney Park and notice that technology has come a long way. Their Toy Story Midway Mania is a 3-D gaming experience that was created with help from the Pixar folks. The attraction includes an animatronic Mr. Potato Head barker and a swiveling ride that takes you past a series of virtual games. Each of the five is based on a different Toy Story character. While you can’t actually win anything, virtual prizes are awarded. A central PC-based gaming control is run by a computer farm that consist of about 150 computers, including one Windows XP PC from HP for each of the 56 game screens.


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Asimo Makes Commercials


We just saw one of our fave spokesbots in a cameo on television. Asimo recently made an appearance in Honda’s latest commercial. We also understand that he is streaking across the stage at Disneyland in a mini-demo designed to get the greater public used to the idea of bringing robotics into the mainstream. The robot is becoming so famous that he even has his own website. Kudos to the company for knowing that robots can make an impact on sales without petty demands and/or the high salary of celebrities.


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Pix Max Digital Cam Includes Disney Characters

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Pix Max Disney Camcam image

Who needs a trip to Disneyland this summer when you can get a camera for your kids that includes their favorite Disney Character? The Pix Max Digital Silver Star Camera features a 1.5-inch LCD screen, 3.0 digital resolution, built-in auto-flash, a 4x digital zoom, holds 32 MB, and is USB enabled. It also houses an SD/MMC Card Slot expandable to 2 GB, has TV out capacity, runs on two AA batteries (not included,) and comes with easy-to-use software. The $79.99 price tag is a bit stiff for the cam, but it beats having to get up at 7:00 in the morning in Orlando just to have your picture taken during breakfast with Mickey Mouse.


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