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Boom! Floyd Gottfredson And Mickey Mouse

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Independent

Mickey Mouse 304Boom! starts January off with a bang. I haven’t seen this get the attention it deserves so I’m going to give it a shout-out here. Boom! Studios, as part of their Boom! Kids division, has been publishing the Disney Comics for a while now and the results have been impressive.

Now, in January 2011, with Mickey Mouse And Friends #304, they’re publishing something that’s driving me nuts with anticipation.

In that issue, part of their 70 Years of Walt Disney Comics celebration, they’re reprinting a classic Mickey story written by Bill Walsh (go ahead, check out his IMDB credits; I'll wait) and illustrated by Floyd Gottfredson.

It’s “The Pirate Ghost Ship!” and this will be the first time it’s been printed since 1944. This special 40-page issue  also features two other stories, another Gottfredson classic called “Laundry Blues” and a Goofy story by Romano Scarpa.


Jim Korkis: The Vault Of Walt Disney

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Vault of Walt

Mr. Jim Korkis and I have a history that goes back to the dawn of time. His knowledge of comics and cartoon history is astounding and the number of people he's met and interviewed over the years makes Jay Leno seem like a hermit.

Back in the days of Malibu Comics, I hired Mr. K to write some text pieces and introductions to many of our comic strip reprints. They were fascinating and entertaining and I always found out stuff I didn't know – he was the pre-Google Google for certain topics. And his work would arrive many days before his deadline.

I also had the privilege of editing two big softcover books of his, written with his then-frequent collaborator John Cawley, another guy who knows more about animation than Don Bluth forgot. One book was Cartoon Confidential, one of my favorite books I ever got to work on.

The other was the Animation Art Buyer's Guide and Price Guide, which was an inexpensive book about buying, selling, pricing animation art and stuff to look for and look out for.

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Weekend Reading: Halloween, Stan Lee, and The Walking Dead

Walking DeadHappy Halloween to all of you!

My costume this year is simple - I’m going to walk around with my iPad and call myself The Future Of Comics. Which, I admit, is something I do pretty much every day.

First off, congratulations to my pals at Boom! Studios and their sales on Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1. And kudos to Boom for sharing their actual numbers.

And if you’d like a 10-page freeview of the November release of Stan Lee’s The Traveler #1 by Mark Waid and Chris Hardin, Scoop has that for you too.

Let’s see what else is out on the internets...

Zombies: Pop culture historian Jim Beard writes about the Walking Dead phenomenon that will soon be sweeping the nation thanks to the new AMC TV series.

Beard, by the way, is the editor of a new anthology that looks back at the Batman TV series of the 1960s, Gotham City: 14 Miles.

Marvel Monster Trucks: With Great Power!

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Spidey MobileIf you're a fan of Marvel Comics, then you know about Marvel's monsters like Fin Fang Foom and Tim Boo Bah. But are you ready for Marvel's Monster Trucks?

Well get ready to rumble, you V-8ers, Red Staters and Import Haters!

Marvel Entertainment, no doubt a division that rests somewhere between Marvel Comics and Disney, has expanded its deal with Feld Motor Sports, the motor sports entertainment company (and owners of the Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey Circus, go figure).

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Comic Book Jobs: Marvel.com

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Spider-Man MovieDigital comics are here to stay, and publishers who avoid them or fear them will lose to them. To that end, Disney’s Marvel Comics is looking for a Senior Producer/Product Manager for Marvel.com.

This “creative and highly motivated” person will “oversee day-to-day production of Marvel.com and to help define and manage the evolution of our Digital Comics products.”

Your responsibilities include a lot of buzzwords like “end users,” “stakeholders,” and “pipelines,” but you’ll basically be growing Marvel’s digital business – developing plans, implementing new programs, and rolling out new features and support for new products.

You’ll also get to monitor trends and news in “the digital comics space” (which I believe is also called “the internet”), collect feedback, conduct research, grow subscriptions and increase ad revenue.

Lindsay Lohan: Comic Book Star?

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Lindsay Lohan As Maggie PeytonLet us all pause and give thanks to Lindsay Lohan, whose career trajectory will make Brad Renfro look like Gregory Peck.

Now that her most recent trial is behind her and her most recent rehab stint has ended and she’s free-ranging in L.A. yet again, we should celebrate with a look at her comic book career.

Comic book career? That’s right. You can be forgiven if you missed it. Her clothing line has lasted longer.

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Disney

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Donald DuckThe vast Empire makes more than just movies and TV shows. They also have a huge presence in book publishing.

Their publishing arm in White Plains, NY, just a train ride away from Manhattan, is looking for a full-time publicist. And how is this comic book related in any way?

A couple of worthwhile reasons. One, “Disney Publishing Worldwide develops original, award-winning content (both Disney and non-Disney branded), including Disney books, magazines and comic books.” And, two, as publicist you’ll help with “publicity strategies and plans, along with execution of media relations plans and author tours and appearances.”

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Marvel Studios (Again)!

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Manhattan Beach VolleyballMarvel Studios, the entertainment (think TV, movie, online) division of Marvel Comics which is itself a division of the vast Disney empire, is hiring yet again. They’re looking for a Digital Distribution Manager which sounds very now. I smell an iPad in your future if you get this job.

As DDM, you’ll be responsible for managing “numerous aspects of Marvel Entertainment’s digital distribution and will report directly to the Vice President, Games & Digital Distribution.”

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Marvel And Electronic Arts

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SuperHero Squad HulkMarvel Studios is at it again. This is at least their third job listing in two weeks. Either people are leaving – which seems doubtful – or they’re growing, which given the number of movie and TV projects they have in development and production seems the more likely explanation.

Marvel Studios, the entertainment entity of Marvel Comics and part of the overall Disney Empire is looking for a Senior Accountant for their Manhattan Beach, CA office.

The successful employee will be “focusing on the corporate side of the business (as opposed to our one accountant who is dedicated to supporting productions) based in LA supporting NY based accounting efforts and LA based tracking and analytical efforts.” Whew!

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Marvel and Disney

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Marvel Comics

Pirates Of The Caribbean ComicMarvel Studios out here on the West Coast must be the happening spot for new hires. This is the second job listing in a week or so, and I originally missed this one because it’s listed through Marvel Comics’ parent company, Disney.

Marvel Studios is looking for a VP in Communication and Distribution in Animation in Manhattan Beach, CA.

You’ll report to the Executive VP, Head of TV, so big props to you, Mr. Powerful. You’ll be working on the “development of objectives and strategic priorities for Marvel Animation and its individual programs in each market around the world.”

This sounds like it’s definitely a suit-and-tie, travel, Bluetooth and buzzword kind of job, so you’ll need not only the experience but the slanguage to back it up. You might even get a nice iPad out of the deal. And if any of you do get the job, let’s talk, because I need a new executive friend in animation.

At the other end of the world, though still part of the vast Disney empire, is Disney Worldwide Publishing which is looking for a “Global Editor.”