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Google launches Person Finder Japan due to earthquakes and tsunamis

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person finder 2011

In the wake of the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunamis in Japan, Google has launched a version of its Person Finder tool for Web users looking friends and loved ones in the affected region.

The tool is available in English and Japanese. Users can click on the "I'm looking for someone" link or the "I have information about someone" link and enter what they know. Search by name or parts of a name, or - if you have information - enter the family or given name to create an entry.

Google stressed that all data entered is available to the public and viewable and usable by anyone. The search giant also does not review or verify the data entered into the system; after the immediate crisis has passed, Google archives the data. At this point, the system is currently tracking about 7,200 records.

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Christopher Kane and His Pizza Disaster

Christopher Kane's flat almost burned down over pizzaChristopher Kane almost burned his house down after his fashion show on Monday!

The Scottish designer, who has made costumes for Kylie Minogue, was extremely tired and hungry after showcasing his latest designs at London Fashion Week, but his boyfriend’s attempts at feeding them nearly ended in disaster.

“I was knackered when we got back to the flat so I went to bed. My boyfriend put a pizza in the oven, because we were all starving, but then he fell asleep too. I woke up and thought, ‘Why can I smell burning pastry?’ It was the pizza and there was smoke everywhere. It’s OK now but I still haven’t eaten. I’m starving.”

Christopher is also looking forward to having a relaxing holiday in the next few weeks: “Well, we’ll show the collection this week to a few key people and then we’re off to Paris for sales. There’s a lot to do just now but in a few weeks we’ll go on holiday. I don’t know where yet—I don’t care really, as long as it’s hot!”

Microsoft Vine beta Social Software

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Vine ScreenshotMicrosoft Vine was conceived during Hurricane Katrina as a means of helping people cope both before and after the disaster. Now the beta software can be used as a social tool. Enter your address on the Dashboard and you get the location on a map as well as news and safety information. Invite others to join you and arrange them in groups. Receive any alerts from email, SMS or the Vine client. Ask for an invitation to help test drive the beta version with the promo code 09AAA to speed up the process.

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Changing The Present Helps Those Less Fortunate

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Baby ChicksBefore you head to your nearest 7-11 or Walgreen’s for last minute holiday gifts, think about an inexpensive gift that will benefit more than your Uncle Bob. The site is appropriately named Changing the Present. For $14.00, you can support a land field mine survivor in the Middle East for a day. Send $20.00 and you can provide a family overseas with a small flock of baby chicks. It only takes $30.00 to feed a family in Bangladesh for an entire month. We love the idea that at this time of the year, we can give to others as well as ourselves.

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Fractured at Super Low Price

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Fractured Screenshot

Want to play the end of the world? Fractured allows players to engage in survival of the fastest. Destroy your enemies with your choice of weapons as you deal with the effects of earthquakes, flooding and tornadoes. Look for hidden paths as you raise and lower your surroundings. The best part is the price. Fractured can be yours for $11.90 one week only for Xbox 360, although it is available for other game systems at the regular price of $49.99.


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Christina Aguilera’s Goth Look Failed to Mask Bad Performance

Christina Aguilera performing her latest hit at the 2008 VMA

To begin, I will be outright honest and admit that I tuned into MTV’s 2008 Video Music Awards last night in hopes of seeing Britney Spears make a [second] comeback performance, despite the comments from her people saying that she definitely would not appear. So I held out until the end of the show, surprisingly allowing myself to concede to an awards show I was clearly out of touch with (the only video I had seen prior to the night was “Piece of Me”).

With that being said, I was still very much excited by all of the performances throughout the night, save Christina Aguilera‘s sad excuse for one.

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RoboCup Rescuers Work through Mazes

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Bots recently competed in Germany as part of the RoboCup to be held in July in China. A sub-competition, RoboCup Rescue, allows robots to practice on dolls in such critical situations as chemical spills and other disasters. Robotic teams must go through a maze and scores are based on how well they can navigate and generate a 3D map of the course. A Manipulation Challenge gives extra points for delivery of radios or water bottles to victims. Currently, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to scan the area and the same amount of time to create the image, but that should decrease as the bots become more advanced.


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OK! Gives Britney Spears Layout the Okay

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Britney Spears Though reported to be an “absolute disaster,” the self-arranged photo shoot will appear in an upcoming issue of OK! magazine, according to TMZ sources. OK! was with Brit all day, where it was said Spears suffered from an “erratic” mood and paranoia, taking frequent breaks during the session. Allegedly, Spears also used her couture as a napkin – more than once, and with more than one outfit. OK! would rather run the spread than risk damaging the magazine’s relationship with Spears – or, at least, that’s the official story. The truth is, there are few things that sell as many magazines as celebrity train wrecks, and Britney is definitely one of those these days.

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