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House Votes Down Digital Delay Bill

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Digit AlThe House today voted down the bill to switch the digital delay from Feb.17 to June 12 by its failure to get 2/3 of the vote. The bill, backed by President Obama, had already passed in the Senate. Many Republicans believe that passing the bill and boosting the coupon program would create more confusion. Nielsen reports that about 6.5 million households are still not ready for the changeover. Stay tuned to see either the bill gets reworked for another vote or if President Obama saves the day.

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Apex DT502 Converter Box Only a Penny

Apex DT502

Comp USA is offering a digital converter for only a penny. The DT502 features a smart antenna jack, RCA audio out, and coax, composite and S-video out. The Apex Converter comes with a remote control. The device retails for $59.99 and has an instant $19.98 savings. Put in your coupon code in the ADD TO CART space and that leaves you with only a cent to pay. And don’t try to cheat with an expired card as they will catch it.

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PC Magazine To Go Digital Only

PC MagPC Magazine’s publisher Ziff Davis Media, after undergoing Chapter 11, has announced that its final print edition will be next January. Instead, all of its future issues will be online via PaidContent. The magazine has been around for 27 years. If you would like to subscribe, you get automatic delivery that is printable if you miss paper. Get 12 online issues for $9.97 or 24 issues for $14.97, which works out to ~$.62 each. We expect that the way things are going with easy access on the Internet and the usage of e-books, PC Mag will not be the first or last to take the digital only route.

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Countact Lens Case

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Countact Lens CaseWe know someone who, rather then bother to take them out when he is supposed to, leaves his contacts in much too long. We think he needs the digital Countact Lens Case. Set the duration for between 14 and 30 days, then press the “Counter” button when you change your lenses. The LED display and an audible beep lets you know the next time to replace them. You get four randomly picked cases of different colors with built-in batteries that should each last up to 3 months. That means you get a year’s worth for a price of $33.97.

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LG Bluetooth DTV

LG Bluetooth DTV

LG’s new Bluetooth DTV lets you watch a movie or play games to your heart’s content without your partner/spouse complaining. The included earphones have a range of up to 10 meters. You can also send images from your cell phone and display them on your TV. There is not much other information out except that it will hit Europe first. We predict that within the next couple of years, Bluetooth will become the rule, rather than an extra accessory.


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Talking Tire Pressure Gauge

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Talking Tire Pressure GaugeChecking tire pressure is difficult enough, so it’s about time someone simplified the chore. The Talking Tire Pressure Gauge can be used in the day or night with its LED. Solar-powered, it has a circular radial light and back lit plate with digital display. Good for cars, trucks, and almost all things cycled, the red gauge includes a depth ruler and auto-shut down. Made of ABS with sheet metal, it requires 2 CR2032 batteries and comes at a price of only $9.99.

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Polaroid to Make Digital Cams

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PolaroidPolaroid has decided to go back to what it does best, instant printing cameras. The digital cam will have an on-board printer for 4x3-inch prints, their original image size. Amateur Photographer is holding a competition for the company to help design it by asking 6 questions, such as whether you think it should have an external battery for extended printing. The competitions ends August 31. We assume you have to be a real photobug for this one because as far as we could tell, the prize is knowing that you contributed.

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Samson Zoom H4 Handy Recorder

Zoom H4 Handy RecorderZoom has released the H4 Handy Digital Recorder for recording in 4 tracks that also serves as an audio interface. With it you can record 24bit/96KHz digital audio and MP3s with a 320 kbps bitrate. It features two condenser mics, has an included 512MB SD card, and 2 combo XLR-1/4-inch input jacks. Palmsize, it runs on 2 AA batteries, has a back-lit 128 x 64 pixel LCD display, and comes with a windshield cover and tripod adapter. We suspect audiophiles will realize that the $350.00 price tag is probably worth the extra expense after reading all the specs.

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Scout Guard SG55 Digital Camera

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Scout Guard CameraNext time the spy in you rears its ugly head, try using the equally ugly but functional Scout Guard SG55 Digital Camera. At a size of 3.2 x 2 x 5.2-inches, the shots are triggered by any moving animal or human with a PIR motion detector. It will take images up to 3 megapixels with a maximum resolution of 2560x1920 or video clips up to 70 seconds. The infrared cam has a low battery LED indicator, TV out jack and comes with A/V and USB cables and a belt, in case you want to take it with you on your next case. The Scout Guard goes for $299.99.

(Thanks, Maggie)

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SlimStick Exercise Monitor

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SlimStickSeiko’s SlimStick Exercise Monitor counts your calories and your steps walked, and records how long you were active. Its animated LCD features a running dog who sits and waits if you decide to take a 30 minute break. You can program the pedometer with time, day, and a happy birthday message that will remind you that if you burn enough calories, you can have a piece of cake. Available in gold, pink, or silver, carry it or clip on to keep track your daily activity for up to 12 weeks. The SlimStick, sold only in Japan at this point,  has an MSRP of ¥5,775 (~$55.00) or ¥6,980 (~$69.00) with strap.

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