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MicroTrack II -Channel Mobile Digital Recorder

MicroTrack II

The newest pro 2-channel mobile digital recorder has upped its features. Convert VHS to digital and analog video to digital files for PC with included Muvee AutoProducer 6.0 with USB. The MicroTrack II now has an extended input gain range, an analog input, faster transfer rate, and better recording for files over 2GB. Record 2- channel WAV and MP3 files to Microdrive or CompactFlash, then drag and drop to your computer. If you have a recordable DVD drive on your PC, you can burn your own movies. Windows XP/Vista compatible, the Microtrack II comes with a remote at a price of $499.99 (mic not included.)



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Panasonic Unveils Blu-ray DMRs

Panasonic DMR

Although they previously released Blu-ray players, Panasonic has now come up with a trio of recorders for the Holiday season. The DMR-BW700 features 250GB of space, while the DMR-BW800 supports up to 500GB. The DMR-BW900 can hold up to 1TB of storage on its hard drive for 160 to 380 hours of recording. Capable of storing up to 18 hours of HD onto a 50GB disc, that would make for a heck of a movie marathon. The trio goes on sale in Japan, November 1, with the BW900 at a price of ~$2,600.


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Olympus Upgrades Digital Recorder/Player Line

Olympus Recorder/Player Olympus has one-upped their digital voice recorder/players with 3 new models, the DS-30 256MB model for $150.00, the DS-40 with 512MB for $200.00, and the DS-50, which can handle a GB for $250.00. The new gadgets will feature a 44.1 kHz recording capability, voice menus, updated software for music downloads, RSS feeds, and detachable stereo mics. With recording time of up to 275 hours, an included USB cable for downloading, and a PC link, we look forward to the DS line’s debut at next week’s CES 2007.

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