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GLM Claims Web 2.0 Millionth Word

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DictionariesGlobal Language Monitor (GLM) claims that the millionth English word (term) is “Web 2.0.” The organization seeks out new words and phrases on social networking sites and officially recognizes it after it is used 25,000 times. It beat out “Jai ho,” “N00b” and “slumdog.” While traditional dictionary publishers may not approve their methods, GLM, based in Texas, nonetheless plugs on with that mission as well as advising businesses on how often they are mentioned on the Internet.

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Nokia XpressMusic Software Updated

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Nokia 5800

Nokia has improved its 5800 XpressMusic software. New is a faster user interface and download time, a built-in mobile dictionary with voice playback and support for 38 languages, and an automatic/manual Application Update that can be used directly to the phone. There is second camera support for still image capture and a burst mode for shooting pictures without hitting a button. The download is available now on their Nokia Software Update site at no charge.


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Merriam-Webster to Release New Words

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M-W DictionaryMerriam-Webster has announced over one hundred new words that will go into its 11th Edition Collegiate Dictionary. To determine which make the cut, they study the usage for sometimes decades before accepting them. Among the words are webinar, infinity pool, dwarf planet, Norovirus, and dirty bomb, but it is mondegreen that is our fave.

What is a mondegreen, you ask? According to M-W, it is a “noun defined as a word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or sung” first coined by author Sylvia Wright in the 50’s when she admitted that she misunderstood song lyrics. We know that some of our personal mondegreens include those from “Blinded By the Light” and “Louie, Louie.”

To celebrate, M-W Online is calling for submissions of your favorites through July 25. Already available online, the 2008 print update of the Eleventh Edition will be in bookstores September 1.

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Dictionary Translates, Captions

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Digitalcube has unveiled a multimedia electronic dictionary in Korea. The i-station UDIC features a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen that swivels, a QWERTY keyboard, and supports text-to-speech. With 50 kinds of dictionaries and access to a multi-search enging, thank goodness it also features a translation service, as it looks to us like Korean is the main language featured, which of course is logical. It can also caption movies and is powered by an Alchemy AU 1250 CPU and DVE. Contact Digitalcube for price and availability.


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w00t is Word of the Year

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w00t cap“w00t” has been announced as the word of the year by Merriam-Webster. Site visitors were asked to vote on 20 words and phrases that were derived from the most frequently searched words. The runner-up was facebook, followed by conundrum, quixotic, blamestorm, sardoodledom, apathethic, Pecksniffian, hypocrite, and charlatan.
Some believe the word “w00t” came from the obsolete word “whoot” (“hoot”,) while others believe it originated from the bunnies in Quake III. We are not surprised that it took the top award, since we have seen the word cropping up in such items as shirts, buttons, tree ornaments, mousepads, and this cap for $14.89, designed for those who actually know what it means.

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Brian the Brain, Know-it-All

Meet Brian, whose brain contains The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, an English dictionary, and a world history timeline. He utilizes voice recognition or keyboard to respond, and can store phone numbers and dial via a phone jack, ask questions, and tell some really corny jokes. Brian contains an MP3 player jack, an integrated speaker, a digital clock, a calendar, and has thousands of bits of trivia stored inside his glowing, color-changing brain. At a size of 13.75 x 11.75 x 10-inches, the Brain is powered by three AAA batteries (not included,) includes a free 3-month subscription to Britannica On Line, and will be ready to play “Jeopardy” with you around October 19 for $119.95.


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