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Results of a 144-hour detailing on high-end Ferrari (video!)

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ferrari polished bliss

If you thought the hour or two job that you've spent detailing your car was up to snuff, your car-washing techniques are about to be proven frivolous, as it's nothing compared to the Polished Bliss 144-hour detail spent on a Ferrari. These guys, based out of UK, are true masters of the art. Seriously--if car washing was ever to be considered an art, this would be why. Since before-and-after pictures wouldn’t do the detail justice, a six-minute video was put together, which you can check out below.

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How to Create Your Signature Style (Hint: You’re Already Halfway There)

LaROK flirty fringe dress Go ahead; ask. I’ve heard the question so many times, by friends, relatives, and relative strangers—all with the same look of bewildered desperation: “But how do I find a style of my own?” Paradoxically, the conundrum makes sense. No two women have the same body, taste, or lifestyle, and with Do’s, Don’ts, Classics, Freshes, and Tragics morphing into each other every season, who’s to say what’s right? You. You’re to say what’s right. Here’s how use your home, office—even your favorite TV show—to tap into your signature style… and keep it until you say it’s time for a change.

Revisit your old Crayola box

I drive a red car, wear red-framed sunglasses, obsess over my red BlackBerry, heat water in a red tea kettle, and relax in a red-walled bedroom when I visit my parents. The funny thing is, when I was asked a couple of years ago what my favorite color was, I had to mull the question over! My gravitation toward red, in all its delicious hues, is instant and unconscious. But I know why I love it: It’s vibrant, powerful, alive, playful, and sexy. All things I’d like to epitomize. If you don’t have a 72-box of crayons lying around, visit your nearest home improvement store and check out the paint aisle. There, let yourself pull out the first three samples that move or inspire you. Hang onto them. See if these aren’t colors you’re drawn to in other areas of your life—like the flowers you bring home from the grocery store or the font color of your e-mails or the jewelry box on your bathroom counter. (Mine’s red.) Voila! You have a signature color—and it’s okay if it’s beige, as long as you love it.

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