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David Yates Rumored to Direct The Hobbit

David YatesDavid Yates is being lined up as the new director for .

The filmmaker is reportedly the top replacement choice for studio MGM, as they search for a suitable candidate to oversee the highly-anticipated two-part adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy tales - a prequel to The Lord of the Rings movies.

Previous director Guillermo del Toro pulled out of The Hobbit last month after continued delays with production, believed to be caused by studio MGM’s financial difficulties. Since then, David has been cited as the best candidate to replace him.

The English director has worked on the final three movies in the wizard franchise ,which he will continue working on until next year. This is expected to give MGM enough time to raise funds ahead of his involvement.

Meanwhile, Sir Ian McKellen - who is due to reprise his role as Gandalf in the fantasy prequel - took to his account recently to reassure fans the film won’t be affected by the change of director: “Hobbit sets are ready, script ready and movie is casting this month. Fans are not to worry. The films will get made. I suspect we’ll start shooting at end of this year. (sic)”

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The Hobbit Filming Delayed

Andy SerkisSad news for Tolkien fans: will not be filmed until the end of the year.

Andy Serkis - who has played Gollum in the three former movies - confirms work on the film, which was due to start this month, has been put on hold.

“That’s probably not looking like it’s gonna happen until the end of the year-ish, that’s the latest I’ve heard. It’s a bit of a movable feast at the moment, really,” Serkis said.

However, the 46-year-old confesses he knows little about the scheduling in reality. He told film website Collider.com, “I think it’s towards the back-end of this year. I’m really ashamed to say, I’m probably no better off than you are because dates keep changing and all the rest of it.”

Just last month, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll actor Serkis said he was looking forward to working on the film: “It’s going to happen. I think it’s due to start shooting in May. It’s going to be exciting, especially working with new director , who’s fantastic.”

Jim Carrey Movie Indefinitely Delayed

UPDATE: The movie has now been given a July 30 release date.

This has not been a good week for Jim Carrey.

On Tuesday, the comedian and his girlfriend of five years, Jenny McCarthy, announced their split over Twitter. Today, it’s been reported that his latest film is being indefinitely delayed.

, a dark comedy co-starring Ewan McGregor as Carrey’s cellmate-turned-lover, was at one point scheduled for a March 26 debut. It was then slated for an April 30 premiere. Now, the story about real-life con man Steven Jay Russell will be lucky to get a release date at all.

Although it’s not known why the film is being held up, it’s believed Morris’ subject matter may be making distribution difficult.

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JooJoo tablet shipments delayed to March 25

Joojoo Tablet

Well, it looks like one of the two Hail Mary-esque advantages that the JooJoo tablet had over the has just gone away with the company announcing that shipments of the device will be delayed by a full month, due to a manufacturing issue. The culprit? According to Fusion Garage, makers of the JooJoo, it had to do with a defect in the 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreens. To make up for the delay, anyone who has pre-ordered a JooJoo device will also receive a free accessory. From the looks of things, it’ll be the JooJoo kickstand.

Of course, this puts the JooJoo right in iPad launch territory, which can’t bode well. But hey, there is that other distinct advantage, that being that JooJoo support Flash. Is that enough of a factor to make people choose this device over an iPad? Yeah, right.

Spider-Man 4 Delayed


may not make its scheduled release date of May 11, 2011.

Despite having had four writers on the project (David Lindsay-Abaire, James Vanderbilt, Gary Ross and Alvin Sargent), the script still isn’t finished. Finished, heck - according to gossip, the director () and the studio (Sony) can’t even agree on the plot.

Currently, it looks like Spidey’s next adventure will have to wait until late summer 2011.

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Nook e-reader shipments pushed back to December

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The e-reader, Barnes and Noble’s supposed killer, just hit it’s first speed bump with the delay of the ship date. Originally, the nook was set to ship to customers on November 30th. However, B&N says that because sales were higher than expected, they are pushing the ship date to December 11th—a full 11 days later. Luckily, if you got your pre-order in early, yours should still ship on November 30th. However, if you are placing a pre-order at this point, don’t expect to see your device until mid-December. If you were thinking about picking up a nook for someone for the holidays, your best bet might be to buy one sight unseen.

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Dollhouse Stops Production for More Rework

Eliza Dushku in DollhouseShould we start worrying about FOX’s mid-season schedule?

Less than a week after learning that 24‘s production had temporarily shut down, we’re getting word about another work stoppage. According to studio execs, Joss Whedon’s new series, Dollhouse, is once again getting a pre-premiere touch up.

Just over a month ago, the show’s creator announced that he was in the process of writing a whole new pilot. This decision was deemed necessary to help clear up any possible confusion. Now filming is being placed on pause for more scripting adjustments.

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24 Temporarily Halts Production

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Kiefer Sutherland on 24We should have known the show was troubled when they decided to bring Kim back

Even though the writers of were given extra time to craft a new season, production on the show will be halted for nearly three weeks starting September 15. (Filming will resume October 9.) The program’s executive producer told Entertainment Weekly this creative pause was needed to perfect the ending.

“We had a couple of scripts that we weren’t happy with. We just couldn’t get this direction to work, and we found another one that we liked better, so we wound up retooling it,” Howard Gordon stated.

While this news may be upsetting to impatient 24 fans - the show was already pushed back a year thanks to the writers’ strike - the delay will supposedly not affect the drama’s start date. Since eight episodes were already in the can before the last work stoppage, production was already ahead of schedule.

Day 7 of 24 will premiere sometime in January. Until then, a two-hour prequel will air on November 23.

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Midnight Club: Los Angeles Delayed

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Unfortunately for those of you who were looking to take to the streets of Los Angeles in a bout of reckless glee, Take Two has revealed that Midnight Club: Los Angeles for the PS3, , and will be delayed to allow the game to be released during a more potentially lucrative time window, likely close to the post-Black Friday shopping blitz.The game was originally slated to be released on October 21st. No word has yet been given on the actual release date, but it’ll probably end up as one of the few hundred thousand games you’re going to want to buy during the Christmas season, if release trends are as predictable as they were in years past.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Delayed Until 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Now this is what I call a tease.

After being shown the best Harry Potter trailer to date, Warner Bros. has cruelly pulled the rug out from under eager fans. , originally scheduled for a Nov. 21 release, will now debut next July.

According to Alan Horn, Warner’s chief operating officer, the surprising decision was the result of the lengthy . Due to production delays, the studio doesn’t foresee having other blockbusters ready in time for the upcoming summer season.

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