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Comic Book Jobs: Turner Broadcasting

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,

Coordinated AssetsYou know that thing you do with your comic book/action figure/DVD collection? No, not that thing. The thing where you categorize them, memorize them, shelve them and keep track of where everything is. And then take pictures of your shelves to post on Facebook.

You’re an amateur “asset coordinator” and believe it or not, there’s a department at Time Warner (the parent company of DC Entertainment and DC Comics) in their Turner Broadcasting division that wants one of their very own.

Based in Atlanta, GA, the Asset Coordinator needs a Bachelor’s Degree and 5-7 years experience in asset management, plus proficiency in the usual software suspects: Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, In-Design, Excel and MS Word. (Really? Because isn’t MS Word so prevalent in the world that chimpanzees can now use it to pull ants from a nest?)

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Comic Book Jobs: Comixology

Remember that whole digital thing that’s supposed to knock off the printed comic book? Oh wait, that’s still happening!

If you want to be part of the industry now that we’ve passed “peak comic book,” ComiXology the “digital comics leader” is looking for a couple of new people.

First up is a LAMP Developer, someone with “2+ years of experience with Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP. Additional experience with AJAX/JavasScript/HTML5 (jQuery), XML, HMTL, XMLRPC, SOAP and other development environments is preferred.”

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Weekend Reading: Batman, Tintin, Starlog and Jerry Bingham

Batman Confidential 50A big week on the internets, so let’s get right to it.

For me, the big news is that my pal Jerry Bingham is illustrating a 5-part story in Batman Confidential, starting in issue #50 that went on sale this week. If you’re on the fence about it, here’s a multi-page preview of it that’ll make you wish Jerry drew more comics. Fans of Batman: Son of the Demon rejoice!

Batman: Over at Project Child Murdering Robot, Ricky Sprague comments on the upcoming Christopher Nolan Batman movie with some language that might be NSFW but SWR (still worth reading)! Bonus shout out to Batman: Year One: “It was among the first of the modern age comic book character reboots that now seem to occur every other year or so. Mr. Miller's hardboiled writing was at its peak, and Mr. Mazzucchelli is one of the best illustrators ever.”

Biff! Bam! Pow!: Bob Greenberger at ComicMix tackles the eternal question: Is Legends of the Superheroes any good? “You have to love kitsch, bad writing, awful acting, and comic books to enjoy (or endure) these specials.”

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Entertainment (Burbank)

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JokerDC Entertainment in Burbank (formerly part of DC Comics in New York) is looking for a new warm body in their finance department. The job is Senior Analyst, Financial Planning and Analysis.

As one of the head number-crunchers, you’ll probably be reporting to Nairi Gardiner, who was just named Senior VP of Finance.

Working out of the Finance & Administration department, you’ll be crunching it numberwise for “assigned departments” and managing aspects “of financial planning and monitor operating results against plan.” So you’ll be grading people and their plans and seeing how well - or otherwise - they do.

It’s all budgets, forecasts, financial planning, revenue and expense templating, done with weekly updates so there’s no quarterly panic attack should the wheels fall off the wagon at some point.

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Comics

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,

Superman and Captain Marvel

Do you want to work in the hallowed halls of DC Comics in New York City?
This could be your lucky day. It’s rare for a job in Editorial to pop up on the radar, but DC is looking for an Editorial Scheduling Coordinator for their Editorial Administration department.
It is what it sounds like: shipping out artwork, reference docs and checks, tracking packages to and from their various locations, handling comp copies, and a couple of my favorite things: “works with department to review all incoming editorial materials for DCU and Vertigo” so you get to see what’s coming up and coordinating the “Editorial Assignment List” so you can track who’s doing what.
This is a young person’s gig - and the money probably reflects that - because you only need one year of experience in a business environment. You’ll also need the usual assortment of multitasking abilities, communication skills and computer knowledge.
But it’s a foot in the door and many folks before you have advanced from positions just like this.
Good luck, job seekers!
[Artwork: Captain Marvel and Superman fight over the last bagel in the break room, © DC Comics]

Irwin Hasen: A New York Story

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Interviews, DC Comics,

DondiArtist Irwin Hasen was the co-creator (with writer Gus Edson) of the long-running comic strip Dondi, the poor little orphan boy who never aged in his 30+ year run (1955-1986).

But Hasen’s career goes back to 1940 when he started in comic books, drawing for Harry "A" Chesler’s shop. His later work includes Green Lantern, Justice Society and Johnny Thunder for DC and he’s credited with creating one of my favorite old-school DC characters, Wildcat.

Now he’s the subject of a new documentary: Irwin: A New York Story that’s debuting as part of FilmColumbia in up in Columbia County (about two hours north of NYC) this weekend, October 24 at 1 pm at the Morris Memorial Theater.

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Comics, Burbank

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Alfred E. NeumanIn the midst of their ongoing restructuring, DC Comics needs another warm body. This time, it's an Executive Assistant in their Burbank offices. The ad is from Time Warner, the division is DC Comics, but the posting is for an Exec Asst in the E.C. Publications office.

I could be wrong, and the ad doesn't state it, but that's MAD Magazine for those not up on their copyright knowledge.

The position provides "administrative support to the President," and that means coordinating meetings, researching and compiling information into reports, handling T&E expense reports, taking care of all incoming calls (and probably the outgoing ones too) and my favorite job responsibility: "other related tasks.

One of the bonus responsibilities is that you'll be interfacing "with talent, filmmakers and creative rights-holders as necessary in support of President and/or division executives."

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Red: Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, DC Comics,

Gee, what movie should I see this weekend?

I could, of course, see Jackass 3-D because you can never see enough footage of people getting kicked in the balls. And in 3-D it might feel like I'm doing the kicking.

Hereafter looks cool, and I'll get around to seeing that shortly. Conviction has that kind of mid-October Oscar bait feel to it, where everyone is suicidal or finds salvation through tragedy or suffers from a tragic disease yet still finds time to teach us about life. But I'm not falling for that this weekend.

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Top 10 Things Overheard @ NYCC 2010

New York Comic ConThe has come and gone for another year. And while you may not have been fortunate enough to attend, the spies who work for Comix 411 were there, watching, listening and recording. Here’s what they overheard.

10: “I wish DC and Marvel would drop their prices again.”

9: “Sold out?! In your face, San Diego!”

8: “I was promoted to VP of unemployment…”

7: “Is this the line for that musical?”

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Comic Book Jobs: DC Comics Hires Again!

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Superman JobWell that didn’t take long. After a long hiring freeze and just a couple of weeks after announcing a massive restructuring that would effect at least 80 of their 250 employees, DC Comics suddenly has two job openings for the right candidate. Only one of them is in New York, though.

First up, DC wants a Manager, International Sales for the DC International Rights department in Manhattan. You’ll be expected to “identify and implement international business opportunities (primarily publishing licenses) based on content and intellectual properties owned and/or controlled by DC Comics.”

Among your long list of responsibilities will be “researching territories and new international publishing opportunities” and “prospect, pitch, and negotiate international publishing licenses (in person, via telephone and in writing).” The “in person” part sounds intriguing if that means travel on the company dime.

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