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Alleged Trading Card Game Of Doom

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Tarot Card of DeathSo here’s a news story that you just hate to read.

The body of a missing journalist was discovered in the backyard of two acquaintances, “placed in a plastic container and entombed in concrete.” The alleged killers went to a lot of trouble in a case that includes a U-Haul, Florida, Georgia, twins, and the serial numbers on “implanted dental hardware.”

Here’s what makes the story of interest to comic book people, and what makes me think some collectibles might be a strong motive: The alleged killers and their victim “were acquaintances likely through a comic book shop in Florida because they were all involved in a trading card game.”

Be careful who you allegedly play with, gamers.

[Artwork: Tarot]

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Video: Metro bus driver blocks car getaway path after a hit-and-run

Posted by Andrey Malskiy Categories: Transportation, Videos

Just an FYI to any drivers out there who think that fleeing the scene of an accident is a good idea, check this out. In the situation above, a metro bus driver decided to block the escape route of a driver that thought a hit-and-run was the best way to handle things. The cyclist who was hit seems to be fine, althogh his bike is likely totaled. The driver, a minor, is faced with several charges and fines.

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Take a Stab at the Knife-Proof T-Shirt

Knife-Proof T-Shirt

We’ve brought you other crime-prevention apparel and gadgets in the past, such as the No-Contact Jacket and the Cell Phone Stun Gun. Joining the ranks is the meshy Knife-Proof T-Shirt. It’s made of “ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber”—akin to the “aramid fiber” used to create body armor. With that caliber of fabric, we’re pleasantly surprised to learn the tee is also machine washable. The potentially life-saving tee will be available in Japan during June in both a short-sleeve ($190-$522 USD) and long-sleeve ($220-$590 USD) versions. However, the manufacturer, Nihon Uni, does not seem to have a website to order from.

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MySpace Uncovers Bogus Police Sites

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Corporate News, Internet

Fake PoliceSince we reported the ongoing saga of Sgt. Copeland and his search on MySpace for his perp, we discovered that there has been a rise of hoax profiles on the site. Six of the approximately 16 sheriff or police departments profiles have already been found to be phony by USA Today. When asked to check into the problem, MySpace closed some that claimed they were New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida law enforcement departments.
Hemanshu Nigam, MySpace’s chief security officer, has promised to look into other suspicious-looking profile pages, since there are those who can be rather creative with their use of online deception. They are also training police on how to set up a MySpace page and tag it as an official profile. With over 160 million total profiles on the site, that’s a lot of cyber coffee and donuts to provide.

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