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CableDrops Neaten Desk Top

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

CableDropsTidy up your your desktop with CableDrop. Each one will keep cables not in use from falling into that scary black hole behind your desk. Use them for computers, appliances, lamps, cell phone chargers or anything else with a cord. Stick them on a desk, wall or furniture to keep the clutter to a minimum. The 1 1/8-inch CableDrops come in a pack of 6 with three different colors at a price of $9.95

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Cordotz Plastic Organizers Dotz


You can mark your cords with a twist tie, a Sharpie or duct tape or, if you are particularly OC, arrange them neatly with Cordotz. The bright plastic icons attach to your cords near the plug to keep everything tidy. Choose between Dotz for computer/office, entertainment electronics or home essentials systems for $9.99 per set. The company also has Cord Straps and Wraps in colors for the same price for ultra-neat freaks.

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LaCie Flat Cables

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, PC / Laptop, USB,

LaCie Flat CablesLaCie has come up with a new line of cables that they refer to as “practical and fun.” We like to call them cords for the “cable challenged.” The Flat Cables are available in three types of USB interfaces in blue, in addition to the orange FireWire 400 and 800, and green eSATA connectors. Each one has its own labels for more customization. The LaCie cable starts at a price of £9.00 (~$13.00.)

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Panasonic Free-Angle HDMI Cable

Panasonic HDMI Flex CableWhile there are plenty of flexible cords and cables for computers, Panasonic claims they have the planet’s first “free-angle” HDMI cable. The device has a version 1.3a high data transfer speed and is meant for flat panel displays. The cable can move 180º, which means you can reduce the 9cm of space usually needed behind a flatscreen to only 3 cm. Look for the flexible 1.5 and 3 meter cords to become available in August.

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SpaceStation Keeps Things Neat

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Bluelounge’s SpaceStation is a nifty little organizer for those with laptops. Rest it on its rubber pad and it will ergonomically raise the keyboard 5mm while allowing a cool flow of air. Cords will roll up into any of the parts of the case. Use the front for an iPod, the back for the laptop or camera, and the side for a scanner. We don’t want to forget the handy rail and page holder. Available in black or white, you can also position it off center for other accessories. All this and an included USB hub are yours for $79.95.


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MultiBook Keeps Your Gadgets In One Tidy Space

MultiBookMultiBook is designed to be a personal toolkit that can light your desk, keep time, day and date, and recharge your cell phone and MP3 player. It features a 3-way multi-socket and container for keeping cords free. The cover features an illuminated label for personal details and its sides contain 74 LEDs for diffused lighting. At a size of 34.1 x 14.6 x 20.5-inches, it comes in black, white, red, or blue for €152.25 ($221.58.) While we don’t see anything particularly outstanding about the Multibook for the price, it would make for a decent night light and glorified gadget box for keeping all your electronic toys together when you travel.

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Picket Fence Hides Wires

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

Picket FenceIf you want to organize your extra cords, take a look at this clever Picket Fence that goes inside your home. Each piece attaches to your baseboard and routes all your wires out of the way. The gaps allow easy access to plugs. Although this is only a prototype designed by Karl Zahn for oboiler, we think this might not be doable for homes with small children who have just reached tripping

walking age or puppies who are not quite toilet trained.

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Fingers Organizes Your Cords

FingersTired of that mess of cords behind your computer? Fingers is a prototype created by Oof Design that keeps the untangled when you unplug your laptop. Made of acrylic, each slot is made by laser for different types of plugs. The device also raises the height of your laptop making it more ergonomic. We have practically become accustomed to the clutter that hides back there. If we get that organized, we may get around to throwing away those faded post-its with ancient reminders of chores that we never accomplished.

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Get Rid of Unsightly TV Cables

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Wiring Solution ChannelIf you are fortunate enough to have an LCD or Plasma Screen and have it mounted, chances are you can’t afford something to cover up those ugly cables dangling beneath it. Anthony Lozano may have had the same problem and designed a wall-mounted, fiberboard channel that will hide cords that run between the bottom of the screen and the top of your A/V cabinet, even if it is just a couple of boards and a few bricks. The WS12 ($39.00) covers a 12-inch distance,  the WS20 ($49.00) handles 20-inches, and the WS30 ($79.00) spans 30-inches. All of them can be painted and come in flat or textured finish. After we get one of these Wiring Solutions from Super Home Theatre, maybe we can work on replacing those bricks.

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Roll Up This Hub When Not in Use

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Retractable Four Port HubElecom has designed a convenient 65 x 65 x 33 m Four Port USB 2.0/1.1 Hub that that looks similar to those devices that house garden hoses and makes for great portability. It features a 1.5 m retractable cord and weighs 8g. The Hub comes with an AC 100-240V adaptor and will be available in black, white, silver, or blue. Preorder at a price of $49.65 at GeekStuff4U and expect delivery around August 5.


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