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HP Scitex Hits Big Printer Market

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Accessories, Misc. Tech,

HP Scitex TJ8500

If you have ever considered going into the poster making business, HP Korea has released its HP Scitex TJ8500. The printer can produce up to 70 sheets/hour at 336 dpi. In addition, it can make 140 1.5 m X 1.8 m posters per hour and 100 billboards in 8 hours. Their environmentally friendly UV850 Supreme ink will work on vinyl, banners, canvas, and self-adhesive materials, as well as untreated material. Check with HP for availability and price on the Scitex.


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Printer Duplicates in 3-D

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The video may not be in English, but we are so impressed with this new 3-D printer that we want one. Think of the possibilities! If something breaks, you can replace it without anyone being the wiser, if you know how to paint. Create multiple cups and plates so you actually have an entire set that matches. We’re not sure if it can copy living things, but it might be kind of fun/scary to replicate the family pet to remember him/her when it finally goes to the happy hunting grounds.

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