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Cooltone Fridge Comes With Music

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Smart Home, Misc. Tech, Music,

Cooltone Mini-FridgeThis is more than just your ordinary kitchen appliance. The Cooltone mini-fridge can hold 20 cans of your favorite brew, 4 two liter bottles, or six wine bottles and comes with more accessories than you probably ever though you would need on ice. It has a digital, top loading CD player, integrated speakers, a digital AM/FM tuner with up to 32 preset buttons and LCD, a link for your PMP, and an integrated alarm clock with snooze. There are also inputs for headphones and external speakers. The refrigerator comes with remote in case you drank all the Cooltone’s contents and can’t seem to get up to shut off the music. All this, and perhaps a hangover as well, can be yours for $260.00.


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