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Thanko Keyboard Gives Warm Hands While Typing

Posted by Aaron Zollo Categories: Accessories, USB, Peripherals,


Thanko has previously released a keyboard to keep our arms and hands cool while typing.  They now have a new keyboard which can warm our extremities via USB.  The new keyboard is prepared for warm and cool weather in that it incorporates three fans which can cool, but also can provide some toasty heat as well.  The keyboard is currently in Japan and if you need to have this keyboard for yourself, you’ll need to find a decent importer as there is no mention of it going on sale in the U.S. any time soon.

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Xbox 360 GPU Goes To 65nm This Fall

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Hardware, Xbox 360,

Xbox 360 Digitimes indicates that the Xbox 360 GPU could see a die shrinkage to 65nm as early as this fall. “Equipment makers” were sourced at Commercial Times in China, indicating that an engineering version of the GPU has been sent out for test, and that production of the GPU could be started in May. This could mean that customers will see yet another Xbox 360 configuration with both CPU and GPU running on 65nm parts, making for a cooler, quieter unit. While these mysterious “equipment manufacturer” sources haven’t traditionally been the most reliable, a transition to 65nm has to be in the Xbox 360’s future, if only for cost cutting measures on Microsoft’s side.

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Optimus Mini Three Has Arrived

Optimus Mini Three

It seems like we have waited for both the Optimus OLED Keyboard and the for an eternity. The good news, however, is that the Mini Three has finally arrived, and ThinkGeek will soon be selling those bad boys. In fact, they got one in early, and took a few images to show the three-keyed device off. The OLED keys look great, but they only run at three frames-per-second, so don’t expect anything fancier than a constantly updating still image. Head on over to ThinkGeek for all the details.

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