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Holly Madison’s Fiance Facing Jail?

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Pasquale Rotella and Holly MadisonHolly Madison's fiance is reportedly facing more than 13 years in prison. The former The Girls Next Door star's partner Pasquale Rotella, who is the father of her two-month-old baby girl Rainbow Aurora, attended a pre-trial hearing in Los Angeles on Monday for a number of serious charges including bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest.

According to gossip website RadarOnline.com the LA County District Attorney alleges that the owner of Insomniac events used more than $2.5 million in funds from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to pay off city officials so he could host raves in the venue.

Pasquale - who was indicted with five other males - posted a $1.8 million bail and is due back in court on July 29. If convicted the father-of-one, who is due to marry Holly, 33, on August 14, could serve almost 14 years behind bars. But his lawyer Gary Jay Kaufman previously said he is confident that his client will be found innocent, calling the charges "politically motivated and publicity driven."

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Hidden message in Apple’s Yerba Buena signage?

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Apple Yerba Buena design

With a burst of imagination and a little deciphering, a MacRumors forum member uncovered that the Yerba Buena Gardens decor, being prepared for the big iPhone 5 reveal, are stretched out iOS app icons.

Apple enthusiasts are theorizing that this is a subliminal Apple marketing message hinting at a stretched, or elongated, iPhone 5. This is, hands down, the biggest tech news of the year. So, why not join in the hysteria?

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VIDEO: Sarah Palin Votes Yes for Donald Trump Investigation

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During a recent appearance on Justice with Judge Jeanine (it’s on Fox News), Sarah Palin said that she agrees with Donald Trump and supports his birther investigation. You can hear her comments in the video above.

Trump has publicly attacked President Barack Obama, demanding to see his birth certificate, because evidently he watched a lot of Fox News during the 2008 election. Sarah Palin, whose party lost the election, was quick to take his side. She appreciates “that the Donald wants to spend his resources on something that so interests him and so many Americans.”

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An Idol Conspiracy? Vote for the Worst Thinks So

Vote for the Worst

In what is truly one of the cruelest headlines in the blogosphere, anti- site Vote for the Worst is crying conspiracy in Season 9. The site claims that Idol is so determined to get a female winner this year, the producers are purposefully stacking the Top 24 with male contestants who aren’t…shall we say, photogenic.

Pictures for the crop of Top 12 men are still pretty few and far between, and photos of every single one of them have not yet been obtained, which makes the conspiracy theory shaky at best. But more than that, American Idol has proven in past seasons that they don’t need to resort to a lot of contestant-stacking…not when they can go straight to the source and alter the votes themselves.

(Make sure to check out our other posts.)

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McGwire finally comes clean

Mark McGwireIt appears that Major League Baseball’s “Steroid Era” isn’t quite over yet. Mark McGwire finally admitted to the public what we already knew – that he was on steroids for a significant portion of his career; including when he broke the Home Run Record in 1998. However, he did say that he only took steroids in low doses to help him recover from injuries in the mid-90s and not to improve his on-field performance. However, that doesn’t explain why he still thinks his career statistics and records should remain untarnished.

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Oprah Stepping Down for Sarah Palin?

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Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey

The Conspiracy Corner at E! worked up this little gem of a theory today, and it’s the first thing that makes sense about Sarah Palin. On the heels of her Palin interview, Oprah Winfrey made the shocking announcement - laced with metaphors - that she will be leaving her hit show. Oprah is so successful and so big, she can all but single-handedly control the New York Times Bestseller list, make or break an entire corporation or create her very own television stars.

Odd that she would just walk away from it all, right? Would Winfrey really leave…without filling the gap that her departure creates? One theory says no way - she’s going to give the spot to , and that’s why she’s made this decision now.

And that sounds pretty reasonable.

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George Clooney to play assassin in A Very Private Gentleman

George Clooney A Very Private Gentleman is preparing to play the role of an assassin in his next film, A Very Private Gentleman. Clooney has signed to appear in this film, the latest from Anton Corbjin, director of Control. A Very Private Gentleman, based on a novel by Martin Booth, will see the Clooney’s character move to rural Italy, where he works as an artist painting miniature butterflies. He soon makes friends, including one of the local prostitutes, and gives confession regularly at the local church, and eventually realizes someone is following him. The film is being written by Rowan Joffe, who also wrote 28 Weeks Later, and is set to begin production this fall. There are no other casting announcements at this time.

Helio Castroneves Indicted for Tax Evasion

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Helio CastronevesUPDATE: Castroneves was acquitted on six counts of tax evasion. A mistrial was declared on the seventh count.

Have we learned nothing from Richard Hatch and Wesley Snipes?

, the former winner of Dancing with the Stars, was indicted today for federal tax evasion. According to the indictment obtained in Miami, the 33-year-old underpaid the government between 1999-2004.

Helio, along with along with his sister (Katiucia Castroneves) and lawyer, are currently being accused of hiding over $5 million of the race car driver’s earnings. The trio allegedly tried “to conceal and disguise the true and correct amount”  by using an offshore Panamanian shell corporation. Each defendant faces charges of conspiracy “for the purpose of impeding, impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful government functions of the Internal Revenue Service.”

According to the Miami Herald, all three are expected to appear in federal court tomorrow morning. Convictions on all counts could equate to approximately 30 years in prison per person.

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Wesley Snipes Gets Three Years in Jail

Wesley SnipesIf there’s anying we’ve learned from Survivor’s Richard Hatch, its that government hates tax evaders.  After failing to pay what he owned, the reality show contestant was sent to the pokey for a nice long stay.  (Hatch is not expected to complete his 4+ year sentence until October 2009.)

Unfortunately, was either not a fan of the CBS show or he just didn’t heed the warnings.  Today, the Blade actor was sentenced to 3 years in prison for failure to file tax returns.  Back in February, Snipes was found not guilty of other tax fraud and conspiracy charges.

Despite personal letters from fellow actors (Denzel Washington, Woody Harrelson) asking for possible probation, Snipes was given the maximum sentence by a U.S. District Court Judge in Florida.  Snipes also paid $5 million of the reported $41 million he owes at the hearing today.

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