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Jessica Biel: A Dangerous Celebrity?

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Jessica BielYou may have put yourself at risk just by reading this article.

According to McAfee Inc., is currently the most dangerous celebrity to search for online. Why? Is it because her content is NSFW? No - but it might not be safe for your laptop. The technology security company claims one out of every five searches for the actress’ names leads to a site designed to damage one’s computer.

This is the third year in a row the company has released results based on A-listers. In 2008, Inglourious Basterds star was the recipient of this dubious title.

Those names following directly behind Biel on this year’s list are Beyonce, , Tom Brady and Jessica Simpson.

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Beware of Hallmark Cards Bearing Viruses

PC VirusKeep your eye out for phony Hallmark greeting cards sent to e-mails as they seem to be on the rise again. If the notice says you have to load a .zip file, you know you have a problem. The Trojan .zip releases a postcard.exe and a run key to Windows. When you restart your PC that key releases evilness upon you and the program adds you to an IRC botnet, accesses your contact list, and sends out even more attack e-mails. While we realize this is nothing new, we thought we would warn you on the chance that you believed someone actually remembered your birthday.

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