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Animasher Beta Launch, Take 2

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Animasher Screen Shot

We first told you about Animasher in May but were cautioned by co-creator Martin Jacobson that we got a little too excited too soon. However, he let us know that the Beta launch is now official. Simply choose pictures, drag and drop, add music and sound effects, and you could be the next Monty Python or JibJab rival.

We understand that the Animasher originated in Sweden when Martin’s programmer friend Samuel wanted to make fun of him online. Nine months later, Animasher was born. It must be some friendship to inspire an entire website, eh?

(Thanks, Martin)


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‘Thundercats’ Movie Finds a Director in O’Flaherty

Thundercats logoLast month, FilmCrunch told you about some up-and-coming movies based on classic cartoons; one of the more exciting endeavors just edged closer to fruition. H-O-O-O-O!

Seasoned videogame art director Jerry O’Flaherty—best known for his work on such games as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 and Command and Conquer—will cut his directing teeth on the big-screen, computer-animated adaptation of the classic 80s cartoon Thundercats. O’Flaherty recently told Variety why he has what it takes to bring the idiosyncratic cartoon to the silver screen:

“It feels like a natural thing for me to step into. Games have come so far now. The last four years of my life have been about bringing the energy of filmmaking into the videogame experience”
The creative but often repetitive (everything’s fine; bad guy lures good guy into trap; good guys save the day, thwarting bad guys; it all ends with a moral and a good laugh) television show followed a group of feline/human hybrids fleeing from their destroyed home planet Thundera. Upon their arrival on Third Earth, the Thundercats are met with unclear opposition from the immortal Mumm-Ra and his gang of other … animals resembling humans.

The script, penned by Paul Sopocy, will focus on the leader of the Thundercats, Lion-O, as he grows, trains and comes to lead the crew. IMDB has the project listed with a 2010 release, but at this point no further information has officially been released.

I may be crazy, but I’m really looking forward to this movie.  I was a big fan back in the day and gave the series a second glance after its DVD release—a move that ultimately caused my inner child to cry as I asked him, “What the hell were you thinking?!” But the cat-campy animated series will likely share success with the other recent 80s revival Transformers, which relied on a fan base of twenty- and thirty-somethings with heretofore disillusionment and low expectations.

Mediocrity, H-O-O-O-O!

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