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Colbert Officially Gets His Name in Space

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Okay - so it didn’t go exactly like he had hoped. But Stephen Colbert’s efforts weren’t entirely in vain.

On last night’s episode of , astronaut Sunita Williams crushed Stephen’s dreams when she announced the official name of NASA’s new space module. Instead of calling the node “Colbert,” the administration instead opted for “Tranquility.”

But to appease the disappointed host and all his voters, the administration made sure to name something after him. Now astronauts at the space station will “jump on” a “C.O.L.B.E.R.T.” every day. To find out exactly what that is, cue the video to the 3:41 mark.

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Vote “Colbert” as Node 3 Name

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Node 3We told you last week about NASA looking for help naming their new Node 3 module, and if you are into “The Colbert Report” you undoubtedly heard that he dissed the names that they came up with, Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity and Venture.

“Those aren’t space modules, those are organic teas,” Colbert said. “But you know what name would look fantastic on the side of that module? Colbert!”

Since the airing of that episode, the comic has gotten over 30,000 votes, second to the top name “Serenity” and beating out “Xenu,” Scientology’s galactic ruler. But you have to love the idea that perhaps if we all vote enough, we may see the name “Colbert” painted on the side. You have until March 20 to contribute to the count.

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The 59th Annual Primetime Emmys: In Review

EmmyIt was an evening of firsts at the 59th annual primetime Emmys. The first time the awards show was on . The first time Ryan Seacrest (resident FOX golden boy) hosted. The first time green concerns were proudly touted. And the first time I didn’t laugh at the Emmy host – not even once. FOX unabashedly promoted their own stars and shows all night long, though there were precious few wins for the network. Brian and Stewie from Family Guy provided some animated laughs, Lewis Black ranted and raved and performed a bit in the middle of the whole thing, and I found myself largely confused throughout the three hour-plus broadcast. Toward the end, Seacrest actually walked out on stage in a Henry VIII costume and told a gay joke – I couldn’t make this up if I tried, this actually happened. TV’s elite looked on in a mixture of horror and worry. Seacrest, unsurprisingly, acted and spoke exactly as he does while on American Idol. The strange, round stage provoked a lot of funny comments, and for a rare awards show change it was the acceptance speeches that became the saving grace of the FOX broadcast.

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