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New Aritificial Heart Design from Cockroach

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Iqbal M. Shaikh ImageSujoy K. Guha from the India Institute of Technology in Kharagpur has created a biventricular pump (artificial heart) with two ventricular pumps of interconnected diaphragm chambers. Run by a battery driven motor, his inspiration was a cockroach heart which has up to 13 chambers, while the human only has four. When one fails in a human it creates a heart attack but when one goes bad on a cockroach, it just keeps going. So far it has been successfully tested on a frog and Guha plans to try it out on a goat.

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Bandai Hex Lets Loose Robotic Bug

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The one creature we have no respect for is a cockroach, so we have no idea why Bandai Hex decided to release this Robotic Bug. It reacts to sound and avoids obstacles by altering its direction. Clap on if you really want one of these bots that come in a choice of 5 colors for $19.00. We might just consider purchasing one of the battery-operated bugs if it promises to eat the leftover Cheerios that we spilled this morning.


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