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Bleeding Edge TV 575: Keurig Kold Drinkmaker review

I bring you my Keurig Kold review in this episode! This is a soda machine that uses Keurig Kold pods to make sodas, teas, mixers, sports drinks, and other cold drinks on demand, right from your home. There is no CO2 canister to mess with, and no syrup bottles either - the magic is in the pods, which contain the syrup needed for the Keurig Kold Drinkmaker to make your drink and have it come out nice and carbonated.

I'll let the video do the rest of the talking - check it out to see the Keurig Kold in action, find out if it can make a great glass of homemade Coca-Cola, and see if it's worth the money overall.

You can pick up the Keurig Kold Drinkmaker now.

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Coke Zero releases first location based game, LiveCycle

Posted by Drea Avellan Categories: Games, New Apps, Free Apps,

livecycle app

Who knew Coke Zero would be in the forefront of gaming innovation? Last week, Coca-Cola released "the first ever location-based videogame" called LiveCycle.

LiveCyle is based on Disney's TRON: Legacy film and the premise of the game is to move around the real world real to create a Light Wall and derezz your opponents, and avoid being derezzed by theirs. The Coke Zero websites offers a trailer of the game which makes it seem like a pretty fun idea, though there is a lack of actually gameplay. Real gaming innovation or interactive advertising? You decide! Play the game and let us know in the comments!

Live Cycle is available in the iTunes stores for the low, low price of $0.00. Download it here.

Coca-Cola Hires Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's Coca-Cola Light Campaign

In what seems to be his continued attempt to promote thin people, has designed a range of Coca-Cola Light bottles.

The designer has created a limited edition bottle for release in France, made in aluminium and featuring his own silhouette (would it really have been anything else?). As well as designing the bottles, he also shot the advertising campaign starring models Coco Rocha and Baptiste Giacobini.

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Fuji Electric Solar-Powered Vending Machine

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech,

Fuji Vending MachineWhile we are on the subject of vending machines, the recent Vendex Japan displayed Fuji Electric’s prototype of a solar-powered machine. It is comprised of panels to supply energy to cool and heat beverages, while the mossy cover not only improves insulation, it will add a touch of green to overly grey cities. Coca-Cola is also working with Fuji to make a 100% hydro fluorocarbon-free machine that will appear this July at the G8 summit in Hokkaido.

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American Idol Finds New Ways to Make Money

American Idol logoIt’s the Number One rated series. It gets more press than any other program on TV. Product placement has totally gotten out of control on the show, and promos run almost all year long. How in the world could possibly squeeze even more money out of ?

Thank goodness for partner deals. Idol has inked a deal with Apple’s iTunes which will allow fans to buy performances from the Top 24 contestants, which will be whittled down to 20 later this week (so get them while you can). It will cost 99 cents for each song (already available), but for $1 more buyers can also have video of the Top 12 performers belting out tunes (this will be available March 11). You can even pre-order performances in anticipation.

Idol is already chock-full of sponsors, including Coca-Cola, Ford and AT&T (products from whom are featured every single episode). I’ve got an idea. Forget the show. Just show us sponsored products throughout, forget about pretending to offer entertainment and get on with the business of making as much loot as possible. The three existing big sponsors of the show, by the way, pay a cool $35 million a pop for commercial time.

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My Top Five Super Bowl Commercials

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Sports, FOX, Video,

Sadly, there were very few moments from last night’s that I will remember in the weeks to come.  (That is, of course, not including the wild game itself.)  But here are five that did give me a good chuckle:

Update: These (really) were not placed in any particular order.

1) The Doritos ‘Mouse Trap’ commercial

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Coca-Cola Intros Self-Chilling Soda Bottles

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Design, Misc. Tech,

Self-Chilling Coca-Cola bottlesDon’t your taste buds hate it when you open a soda…and it becomes warm after leaving the top off for awhile? Well the folks at Coca-Cola have heard your cries. It’s about to intro a new bottle with technology that keeps your soda cold, even with the top off. No more ice, which means no more watered down soda. Cool. What’s interesting is that the self-chilling bottles will have to be stored at a certain temperature, which means Coke will have to dispatch new vending machines specifically for them. No word on when the guinea pig

first product, “Sprite Super Chilled,” will be available.

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