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Hidden message in Apple’s Yerba Buena signage?

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Apple Yerba Buena design

With a burst of imagination and a little deciphering, a MacRumors forum member uncovered that the Yerba Buena Gardens decor, being prepared for the big iPhone 5 reveal, are stretched out iOS app icons.

Apple enthusiasts are theorizing that this is a subliminal Apple marketing message hinting at a stretched, or elongated, iPhone 5. This is, hands down, the biggest tech news of the year. So, why not join in the hysteria?

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Lost: The Brig - David’s Top Five of Awesomeness

Lost: The Brig

Last week I mentioned that Lost should have always been a cult show and I hoped (in my heart, not in the article) that the producers would try to make Lost be even more of a cult show and forget that it also is (or was, if ratings are to be believed) a hit network show.  This week’s episode, “The Brig,” proved that if you send these thoughts out into the universe, well, they just might true.  Of course, I’m ignoring the fact that this episode was written and filmed several weeks before I put said thoughts out into said universe, but Oprah has taught me not to dwell on meager things like infallible logic as far as positive thinking is concerned.
“The Brig” was fan-damn-tastic, a really terrific, dark episode in a spring full of great episodes.  Can I find five awesome things about it?  Just try and stop me.

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Vanishing Point: Loki’s Video Briefing

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Here you go guys, the full, entire video that was sent to us by “Loki” - the Enigma Director - as part of Microsoft’s Vanishing Point game. Give it a watch, and see if you can pick out any clues that we may be missing. So far, we have shown you what Loki sent us - the Vista Media Center computer, and laid out all the Vanishing Point clues that we have so far in video. All that’s left for you to do is continue brainstorming, and continue watching for clues. Who knows, maybe you’ll win.

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