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Recipe: Dave’s Grandmother’s Pound Cake

Posted by Jenny Lewis Categories: Dessert, Comfort Food, Baking,


Cake. We can all agree that it’s awesome, correct? Good. While it’s undeniably easy to stop in your trendiest neighborhood bakery or pick up a boxed mix and a tub of frosting (and please just… don’t), making a cake from scratch is not nearly as intimidating as you might think. In fact, I’m fully confident that anyone with a mixer and a bundt pan can successfully bake this cake. Besides, starting from a recipe as great as this one, you don’t have to be an expert baker, you just have to have good notes from the real recipe experts - in this case, grandmothers.

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Blockbuster vs. The Beatles

Beatles HelpI’m pretty sure my local has committed artistic blasphemy.  Allow me to explain:

About a week ago, I was in the mood for something fun and nostalgic, so I swung by Blockbuster to rent a copy of Help!, which, for anyone who doesn’t know, is the second film made.

Now, Blockbuster didn’t carry it, and that doesn’t shock me too much as it’s not one of the more monumental of their films.  But, upon further prying, I discovered that they didn’t have A Hard Day’s Night, Magical Mystery Tour, or Let It Be either.  The very nice girl at the counter did tell me (with a degree of excitement), that they carried , which she thought was just ... awesome.  At this point, I had to quickly excuse myself before I began to do my hostile re-education routine on a complete stranger.

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Gizmobie Dresses up Your iPod

GizmobieThe latest skins to hit the iMarket are Gizmobies. With over 100 styles available and more added weekly, they will fit the iPod classic and video, touch nano (3rd gen., current,) nano (2nd gen., original,) iPod photo (4th gen.,) iPod mini, and iPhone, of course. Guaranteed for the life of your iDevice, choose between their variety of designs or several selections of solid colors. The company is now offering $5.00 next day delivery if you purchase 2 or more of their “non-skid armor” covers for $20.00 each.

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Geek Jewelry: The “Space Invaders” Rings

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Culture, Retro,

Space Invader RingsCall us paranoid, but we’re beginning to wonder if the aliens in “Space Invaders” really are trying to take over the world: The tote bag. The baby’s mobile. The scarf. The doormat. And now… the rings! Yes, now you can show your love for the classic game 24/7 by wearing one of those pesky aliens (or elusive spaceship) on your finger. Choose one of four designs, each made of pure silver with Rhodium plating. Strangely, we couldn’t find price info on the manufacturer’s website, so you may have to contact them yourself for details.

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Toy Me Milano


Geek Sugar

Watts And Campbell For ‘The Birds’

The stunning Naomi WattsWith Halloween only a week and a half away, it seems only fitting that we hear more news about the remake of The Birds. First brought to the big screen in 1963 by “The Master of Suspense“ Alfred Hitchcock, has been planning a re-imagining of the terrifying classic for some time now.

The absolutely gorgeous (King Kong, The Ring) will star while Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is in talks to helm the film. Variety reports that Universal is not rushing the film due to the looming possibility of a Hollywood strike. is among the several names reported to be producing the film via Platinum Dunes and Mandalay Pictures.

Watts, who can soon be seen in Warner Independent’s Funny Games, is filming The International and will also appear in the overly titled Kicked, Bitten and Scratched: Life and Lessons at the World’s Premiere School for Exotic Animal Trainers.

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Classic Keyboard Available for Wii

Classic KeyboardLogitech has announced that their Classic Keyboard 200 is now fully compatible with Wii. The plug-and-play device is spill resistant, has a compact size and “low-profile” keys. The keyboard will work with Wii systems that have been updated to 3.1, with access in the settings menu.

VP of Logitech’s gaming unit Bruce Lancaster claims, “Now consumers can enjoy the advantages of having a keyboard to help them manage their Wii Message Board and enter text in the Wii Internet Channel.”

Or, after a really bad game, you can just use it to type in words that your mom wouldn’t like. Get yours for the budget minded price of $14.99.

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This Week on DVD: October 9, 2007

Surf's Up
  • 28 Weeks Later:  starring Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne
  • Evan Almighty:  starring Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman
  • Poltergeist (25th Anniversary Edition):  starring Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams
  • Reign Over Me:  starring Don Cheadle, Adam Sandler
  • Rise: Blood Hunter:  starring Lucy Liu, Robert Forster
  • Surf’s Up:  starring Shia LeBeouf, Jeff Bridges
  • Twilight Zone: The Movie:  starring Dan Aykroyd, John Lithgow
  • You Kill Me:  starring Ben Kingsley, Tea Leoni

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NBC Revisiting ‘Knight Rider’

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Action, Sci-Fi/Horror, NBC,

Knight RiderYou gotta wonder if the network responsible for resurrecting American Gladiators and Bionic Woman is simply brilliant or desperate for ideas.  It has just been announced that will be dusting off another classic show for today’s audience:  Knight Rider.  A two-hour movie will air later this season; if viewers respond, it will most likely serve as a new series’ pilot.  (The original show, starring , aired from 1982-1986.)

Why Knight Rider?  Well it seems the success of has given the Peacock execs millions of (unoriginal) ideas to play with.  What if K.I.T.T. could also change shapes?  What if there were ‘evil’ versions of the K.I.T.T. mobile?

While I’m tempted to write this movie off altogether, the film is being produced by (Swingers, The Bourne Identity).  (Those of you who regularly watch the FilmCrunch reviews already know how much I love his directorial work.)  So with hesitance, I admit I’ll be watching the remake—if only to see Michael Knight’s retooled leathers.

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Console Downloads Feature Space Bounty Hunters and Also Giraffes

Space Giraffe Logo

People with virtual currency burning pixelated holes in their alternate reality pockets can check out the and the Virtual Console this week for some new (or perhaps old) titles. The most exciting offerings this week look to be the Jeff Minter shooter Space Giraffe and the wonderful classic, Super Metroid.

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Cassette Tote Keeps Gadgets Dry and Comfy

Classic Cassette ToteIt almost frightens us that this tote bag is already considered retro. Carry all your hi-tech gadgets in the low-tech Classic Cassette Tote that measures 16 x 10.25 x 4.5-inches. It is made of non-woven flexible plastic to keep your iPod, iPhone, and any other iGadgets safe and dry. The handles resemble unraveling tape and the bag is available for $14.99 from perpetual kid. At least there is no rewinding involved, but merely unwinding on your next trip to the beach.

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