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Excuse me, is that a SB6309 Cigarette Lighter phone?

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: Accessories, Cell Phones, Rumors,

SB6309 lighter phone

We haven’t really covered many cigarette-related products here at Gear Live, and this next product is one that my source cannot confirm its existence.  This SB6309 Lighter Phone has a feature that would have been on all the cellular phones of the sixties: a cigarette lighter.  Of course, this was back before we learned that cigarettes are bad for you (presumably). 

All the user/smoker has to do is slide back the cover and light their cig on the red hot square.  Hopefully, the cover is good, or this device will literally burn a hole in your pocket. 

Well, I think I’ve finished making all the jokes I can about a product that may or may not exist.  The only “fact” that I know for sure is that it comes in red, brown, and black.  I wonder if the red is Marlboro red.  Okay, I still had one cig joke left in me.

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