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Chumby One has faster processor than predecessor

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: Displays, Internet, Misc. Tech,

Chumby OneWhen the Chumby hit the market two years ago, it was a cute Wi-Fi widget gadget.  It would appear that the next iteration, the Chumby One, loses the squishiness, going with a hard frame instead. 

What can you expect out of the Chumby One? For starters, a faster processor that’s been bumped up from 350MHz to 454MHz.  It still relies on the widget architecture, so you’ll have access to things like Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, and all other web-connected weather, news, and services.  If you want one, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks until its official release.  It’ll cost you $100. 

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Chumby Loves Hackers

ChumbyChumby is a new open source device that will display useful as well as entertaining information. It can create flash animation, report news, weather, sports, and celeb gossip, and is completely hackable since it was created by hackers themselves. Chumby‚Äôs owners will receive free personalized widgets and information on their Network. Since it is always on, it keeps up to date on all things relevant to your Internet life by WiFi. At a size of 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 3 1/4-inches, and in your choice of black, latte, and pearl, it can also handle pictures, music, video, and blogs. It’s creators say it will cost less than $200.00 and are looking for those who want to adopt the little computerized gadget in the near future.

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