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Sneak Listen: Mariah Carey’s New Holiday Album

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Listen to the clip above to hear a small sampling of tunes from Mariah Carey’s new holiday album.

Four original songs, a smattering of holiday classics and an "extra festive" version of “All I Want For Christmas is You” will be included on the album.

Carey’s Merry Christmas II You will be available in stores November 2.

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LISTEN: Mariah Carey’s Newest Christmas Song

Could this be the tune that finally tops a holiday song – released 16 years ago?

Later this fall, will follow up Merry Christmas, her album from 1994, with a festive sequel.

Although “Oh Santa!,” the first track from Merry Christmas II You, won’t likely reach classic status like the single “All I Want For Christmas Is You” did, it’s still pretty fun to listen to.

At the very least, the tune is definitely worthy of a Gap commercial.

The new holiday album will hit stores on November 2.

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Will Susan Boyle Guest Star on Glee?

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Susan Boyle GleeRumors are circulating that YouTube phenomenon may make a guest appearance on Glee, FOX’s scripted musical hit. The powers-that-be on the show are trying to get Boyle signed up for Season 2’s Christmas episode. But…what role would she play?

“I have two words for you: Lunch Lady,” said show co-creator Ryan Murphy. “I think Kurt [played by Chris Colfer] would just die to give her a Christmas makeover. I don’t even know if she’s interested, but it’s been pitched.”

No worries there. Boyle - or at least, Boyle’s management - is likely to be interested. has already lined up big guest stars over its successful first season, and it’s the most buzzworthy new show of the year.

Even if Susan Boyle doesn’t stop by Glee to brighten the holiday, Gleeks have nothing to fear: a Christmas album will be released in time for gift-giving season.

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Taylor Swift Wants Curtains For Christmas

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Taylor Swift needs furniture for Christmas! has asked for soft furnishings from Santa this Christmas.

The “Love Story” singer - who has just moved out of her parents’ home and bought her own place in Nashville, Tennessee - says the only gifts she is asking for are soft furnishings to decorate her home.

“I have just bought my first home in Nashville. So I will go out soon, and live alone for the first time in my life. I’d like many cushions, curtains, bedding and picture frames for my new apartment. If I find some free time in London, I would like to buy furniture and accessories. I’ve heard that there are great ones in the Portobello Road antique shops. “

Taylor also revealed that her father - who was once a Christmas tree salesman - loved the festive time of year so much, that the whole family went overboard decorating the house every year: “Christmas here at home is always a big celebration. Each room is decorated; I’m looking forward to it.”

VIDEO: A Lady Gaga Christmas Album?

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“If I’m good, I’ll get my gift. I wanna take a ride with old St. Nick…”

If she’s willing to write songs for Michael Bolton, is a holiday CD really such a ridiculous thought?

In this commercial for her Ra-Ga-Ga Christmas album, you can hear “Lady Gaga” perform several new tracks including “Bad Snowmans,” “Love Sleigh” and “Ho Ho Ho-ker Face.”

Those who pre-order will also get a special Hanukkah offering from “Taylor Swift.”

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OnStar lets you get Santa location updates on Christmas eve

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Plan on being in the car with the little ones on Christmas Eve? If so, are you an subscriber? Then you’ll want to hit that blue OnStar button and ask for a Santa update, because OnStar is teaming up with NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) to keep tabs on Santa’s location as all times through the evening. Oh, what’s that? You find that to be almost as ridiculous as the Necky?

Hey, we agree, but let’s not let the silliness of this promotion get in the way of…no, you’re right. It’s silly. Silly enough that we want to try it.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Returns

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Santa And RudolphI love the old Rankin-Bass holiday classics, but my favorite is Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. It used to be appointment TV, but then along came DVD and the ability to watch it anytime.

Now that I have kids, we watch it pretty much year-round. In 2009 so far, I’ve racked up at least 20 viewings. And when you watch something that many times, you start to notice some things that escaped me when I would just see it once a year. Here’s my list:

Mrs. Claus: She’s a chubby chaser and an enabler. Santa finally gets his weight down during the off-season - which no doubt would help his cholesterol and blood pressure and help him live longer - and yet she can’t wait to start stuffing him again, upping the ante by reminding him that everyone loves a fat Santa, including her I’m guessing.

Santa Claus: First off, he’s a jerk. Rudolph is a super-achiever compared to the others in the Reindeer Games, and Santa’s too worried about the red nose thing. Since no one on Santa’s route will ever actually see Rudolph, this is really all about Santa’s issues.

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Jon Gosselin Says Everyone Will Be at Christmas Dinner

Jon Gosselin and half of his clanReality TV’s favorite, loving father Jon Gosselin took some time out to actually talk about upcoming holiday plans.

While he claims that he’ll only spend half of Thanksgiving with the kids, Christmas is another story: “Christmas Eve and Christmas day are joint-shared custody days, which means we’re both in the house. So we’ll be there.” What a field day for the media! Imagine if they had a veritable inside man to infiltrate… Oh wait, they have a reality show! Let’s hope that TLC manages to ink some kind of deal with Jon for this special occasion.

He also lamented about his lack of gift wrapping skills: “Oh my goodness, doesn’t your back hurt so much? And why do we sit on the floor and reach over, you can never reach the end of the wrapping paper, you need monkey arms, it’s annoying. Nothing ever matches up.”

No wonder Kate was angry at him all the time—imagine wrapping presents for eight kids all by yourself? Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

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David Archuleta’s Christmas Album and Tour

Yes, we’re still a few weeks away from Halloween…but there’s no better time to start thinking about snow like the present. Starting tomorrow, ‘s new album, Christmas From The Heart, will be available for purchase.

To help us celebrate the season, the American Idol will promote the CD over a list of tour dates. The 18-year-old will first hit Salt Lake City on November 24 and later wind down in Westbury, NY on December 20.

More information can be found on the singer’s official website.

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Target Women: A look at the hilarity of holiday jewelry

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You’ve gotta admit, this episode of Target Women is fairly hysterical. I mean, how often do we see those commercials on TV where a guys surprises his girl with some sort of diamond-encrusted piece of jewelry, which then portrays the woman to be just about the happiest person on earth? We’re just happy that someone has finally taken these advertisers to task. Nice work. Your thoughts?

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