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Bots Playing Soccer

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Soccer Robots

Who needs to force their children into the competitive world of athletics when they can watch robotic soccer players and cheerleaders? During a display at the Robotic Althletic Meet 2007, many of them tripped up and collided, but could get back up for the most part. Ken Senoh, professor at the University of Tokyo, claims that bots are still in their infancy, but feels that they will eventually surpass humans the way that computers have done.

Sony AIBO robots also took part in the demo, as well as other bots and their owners. One woman commented that she wouldn’t let her “son play in a game like that.” At the time, she was referring to her robotic pet.


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The Amazing Race Recap: Cheerleaders Throw in Their Pom-Poms

Amazing Race

It was a sad state of affairs for Team Cheerleaders as they were the third team to be eliminated on this 10th season of the Amazing Race. To add salt to their wounds, Kellie did not even complete the roadblock before she and Jamie had to take the walk of shame, already knowing that they were the last team to arrive. The teams were given the task to shoot a fire-tipped arrow at a target that seemed to be a mile away; there is no way I could have finished, my arrow would have probably ricocheted backwards and hit some innocent cow grazing in the pasture so I give props to Kellie for sticking it out ‘til the sun go-eth down on her. Leading up to their demise, they were given the wrong directions heading to their last roadblock so believing they were headed in the right direction, they gave the team of Lyn and Karlyn, the single moms, the lead they needed to secure a 9th place finish. I guess they can look at the bright side and think about all the beautiful scenery they were privileged to see on their drive to Mongolia: just breathtaking. Unfortunately for them, anything can happen, and everyone has a chance to win.

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