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Belkin Employee Asks Turkers for Amazon Reviews

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet, Misc. Tech

Turk Screenshot

Anyone who has ever Turked knows that there are some pretty silly requests sometimes for very little bucks (most are less than a nickel each, depending on the complexity and work involved.) It seems that Belkin employee Michael Bayard (or someone using his name) posted a hit on the site offering $.65 for positive reviews on the company’s products listed on Amazon. After being contacted, Belkin’s president Mark Reynoso issued a response, apologized and claimed that they have removed all postings as well as the fake reviews.


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iPods Banned in Schools to Prevent Cheating

iPod Banned From SchoolsWe recently reported on how PSPs are being used as teachers’ aids in England. Unfortunately, s (and Microsoft s) are being used as cheating aids by students from the U.S. to Australia, and are now being banned from schools. Kids are downloading crib sheets onto the players, and using voice recorders to speak answers into the devices—to be played back during the test through a single earphone. Since the devices and headphones are small, they are easy to hide during exams. However, teachers and administrators (many of whom aren’t as technologically-savvy as their students), are slowly catching on. Schools around the world have started banning portable media devices, including one in no-nonsense Australia that prohibits iPods, CD players, electronic dictionaries and even spell-check devices! We’re now wondering if the aforementioned British school with the PSPs is now experiencing similar problems…

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