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Sprint rolls out LTE in 21 new cities including LA, Charlotte, Memphis

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Cell Phones, Corporate News

Sprint LTE cities

While Sprint still has a way to go to catch up to the LTE footprint of Verizon and AT&T, the company continues to chug ahead, and today has announced 21 new cities where they've lit up the faster 4G service. If you're in places like Charlotte, North Carolina, Memphis, Tennessee, and Los Angeles, California, you should be able to pick up on the LTE network that Sprint has just turned on in your area. With today's additions, that brings Sprint LTE to 88 cities across the USA. Hit the source link for a list of all 21 cities where Sprint just got a whole lot faster.

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AT&T 3G MicroCell reviewed: It works, and it’s a rip-off

AT&T 3G MicroCell

There’s been a lot of hype and discussion surrounding the 3G MicroCell, and now we’ve got a review from someone who actually purchased one. As a refresher, this device is designed to significantly boost both the voice and data signal in your home by using your own home broadband network. In other words, if the AT&T network sucks enough in your area that you can barely get through a call to Domino’s without it dropping, you can now pay AT&T even more money to get the reception that you should already be getting as part of your monthly payment plan. Oh, and the AT&T 3G Microcell also boasts additional feature options, like unlimited talk time, for additional cost. 

So far, only the community of Charlotte, NC actually has them for purchase , and the device sells for $150. Ouch. One buyer reports that the device works as planned, and that before the purchase, they had one bar of EDGE coverage in their home, and now reports five bars connected to 3G.

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LOST Review 2/11/09

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Television


So have I told you before that “LOST” is freakin’ awesome?!  I know I did, but I just want to say it again “LOST” is freakin’ AWESOME!!!!!

Wednesday night’s episode was entitled “This place is death”.  When we last left the show, everyone was jumping around through time and we were shown that our old friend Jin had survived the explosion of the boat.  To his surprise as he makes it back to the island and that he has been rescued by some French people and a young pregnant woman who is with them is named Danielle Rousseau.

Tonight’s episode picks up right where we left off.  Spoilers…................

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LOST Review 1/28/09

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Television


“LOST” continued its fifth season last night with an episode entitled “Jughead”.  The episode focused mainly on the characters that are still on the island – with the exception of Desmond as he’s in this episode too. 

What more praise can I give to this show that already hasn’t been given by me or anyone else.  This show continues to hit the big home run; score the big touchdown and make the game wining shot.  I’m so envious of the creators and writers of this show because I believe they truly have created something special.  Many shows that enter their fifth season start to begin to show cracks in the armor, but thankfully (at least in my opinion) “LOST” has yet to show any cracks.

Of course, if you haven’t seen the episode, do not go any further due to spoilers.

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