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Watch this: Bill Gates gets emotional reminiscing about his last talk with Steve Jobs

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Bill Gates reminisces Steve Jobs

Microsoft co-founder, former CEO and current Chairman, Bill Gates, described his last conversation with the late Steve Jobs (among other topics) during an interview with Charlie Rose on 60 minutes. Watch the video after the break:

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Werd: Service - Part One

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Charlie Rose interviewed Tom Brokaw on October 30th.  Some of the conversation included a discussion about Brokaw’s general philosophy that is it our duty as Americans and as humans to perform some sort of service for the benefit of our community.  Brokaw noted that, in all of his speeches to various organizations, the call for service is the most significant part of his message.  Rose, at the 48:20 mark of this conversation, turned the tables, asking: “With all the talk you have made and your experience … [and] all the talk you have evoked at this table about service: suppose two people come to you and say, ‘It’s now time for Tom to make a contribution to the country.’  What are you going to say?”

Brokaw answered by noting his aforementioned lectures, implying that his particular type of service was performed by the message of service he delivered to students and other members of his audience.  But Rose pressed him, asking for Brokaw to name something specific, some particular service, that Brokaw would perform when asked.  Brokaw, sadly, lamentably, answered only that he was getting old and wanted to spend the rest of his days exploring new rivers to fish in.  At the end of the interview, Brokaw admitted that he needed to find a better answer to Rose’s challenge.

Such is service: incredibly easy to hold aloft with words, terribly heavy when placed upon our own shoulders.

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