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Steve Jobs taking another medical leave of absence from Apple

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steve jobs leave of absenceAlmost two years to the day from when Steve Jobs took medical leave from Apple to get a liver transplant, he has announced that he will be taking leave yet again to deal with his health. Just like last time, Steve will remain as CEO of Apple, and will be very involved in the major strategic decisions for the company. Tim Cook will take over day-to-day operations. It's unknown at this time whether the issues are related to Steve's bout with pancreatic cancer back in 2004, or the 2009 liver transplant, but whatever it is, we wish him a speedy and full recovery. We've got the email he drafted to his team after the jump.

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Quote of the Day: Marc Jacobs Compares Himself to a Pig

Bernard Arnault and Marc Jacobs

“I used to say in the beginning that I was like the pig in Babe when the farmer, who was not wildly emotional, expressed himself in a super-warm way. Mr Arnault does not express himself in a super-warm way, but he has softened up - I am that pig and he pats me on the back and says ‘That’ll do pig,’ and I just feel this is the highest praise. This is a man who does not throw out compliments or say things to please people - he just does not.”

- Fashion designer and creative director of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, on his relationship with LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault.

(Make sure to check out other .)

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Calvin Klein Launches New Brand

CK One

Calvin Klein is to turn its CK One fragrance into a global lifestyle brand. The fashion house is keen to attract a younger customer base so will launch jeans, underwear and swimwear at more affordable prices, thought to be around 15 to 20 percent lower than Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear.

“I think it could be bigger than CK Calvin Klein. CK is our bridge division in apparel and accessories, which we operate only in Europe and Asia at this time. By the price positioning of bridge, there is some limitation on how big that business can be. The focus and concept of ck one is young and sexy, and to some degree price-driven. The price points are lower than in bridge, and this is a global launch, which gives CK One the opportunity to be a much bigger business over time,” said Calvin Klein Inc’s president and CEO Tom Murry.

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Dov Charney Denies No Uglies Policy, Will Answer Your Questions

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Health & Beauty, News, Rumors,

CEO Dov CharneyIn light of a former (anonymous) American Apparel employee’s allegations that the hiring policy is heavily weighed by the attractiveness of the applicant, the international company has issued a statement denying such claims.

“American Apparel does not hire or retain applicants based on ‘beauty.’ Our main priority is finding people with a strong sense of style who can inspire customers as they make selections from our extensive line… It has never been the policy of American Apparel, as some blogs claim, to fire employees who are not “good looking” or any of the other accusations implied by the anonymous or unverified third party sources. The company legitimately reviews current photographs of job applicants and employees to consider their sense of style and the way in which they present themselves… This is a standard practice among fashion-forward retailers.

While they may call it “style,” I’m inclined to believe that it’s just another word for “beauty.” I mean, have you seen the hipsterbots at the store?

Moreover, the press statement addresses the topic of hiring process, but has made no mention of its irksomely precise grooming etiquette... If you’d like to talk to CEO Dov Charney about any of this, he’s made his phone number available to the public:

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Lightning begin spring cleaning

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Jeff VinikThe housecleaning has begun. The Tampa Bay Lightning have let go of coach Rick Tocchet and General Manager Brian Lawton and team owner Jeff Vinik has begun the search for replacements. The announcements were made over the weekend as the Lightning finished another season without an entry into the playoffs. This is the third consecutive season the Lightning have failed to make the cut, despite their 80 points being the team’s highest point total since 2006-07.

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Video clip of Steve Jobs hitting the stage, encourages organ donorship

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returned to the stage at today’s Apple “It’s Only Rock and Roll” music event, and received a standing ovation. He took a moment to talk about the liver transplant that he had a few months ago, and encourages people to consider becoming an organ donor. Welcome back, Steve!

Yes, Steve Jobs is back at Apple Campus

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Corporate News,

Steve Jobs leaves Apple Campus

took medical leave from Apple earlier this year, and returned to work last month. Still, enough of you sent this in to us as news that we had to post it. TMZ caught an image of Steve Jobs, dressed to the nines, leaving the Apple Campus yesterday afternoon. They even took the photo on an . Great.

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Game Crazy Parent Company Struggling

Posted by Paul Hamilton Categories: Corporate News,

Game CrazyMovie Gallery, the parent company for brick-and-mortar game retailer/renter (and one of the few remaining chain competitors to GameStop/EB) received an extension on its $900 million restructuring loan as it continues to struggle in an increasingly difficult market. Movie Gallery also owns Hollywood Video and and eponymous stores. CEO Joe Malugen said, “Despite the challenging market conditions for Movie Gallery and the entire rental industry, we are continuing to work with our lenders and our outside advisors to help address the Company’s current financial situation. We plan to continue to operate the Company without interruption as we work through this challenging period.”

So clearly the word of the day is “challenging” but the company seems to be angling toward an acquisition or merger to overcome those challenges. So far they have had to close stores and reduce staff to try and meet financial obligations, and this new extension has given them until August 27th before the loan is considered defaulted.

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Daimler Chrysler Announces New CEO

LaSorda and Nardelli

Detroit’s Daimler Chrysler has revealed that Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot, is to be their new head honcho. In a locally televised cutaway this morning from local programming featuring him and Tom LaSorda, who is now taking the #2 spot in the company, we noticed plenty of smiling and calling each other by first names while fielding media questions. This move certainly leads us to believe that the beleaguered company feels that there is more at stake here than just having a competitive product. Perhaps they will concentrate a little more on public relations, reinforcing their reputation, and saving autoworkers’ jobs here in the U.S.


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DivX And The Future Of The Digital Home

Gear Live reader Davis Freeburg writes in:

As early adopters who’ve downloaded a DivX movie file know, their video file is second to none.  There is no unreasonable wait, the quality is fantastic and it’s highly portable throughout the home.  Born in the wild wild west of the P2P revolution, DivX has recently tried to shake their bad boy image for a more corporate look with a recent IPO.  In an interview with Jordan Greenhall, DivX’s CEO, he discusses the impact that piracy has played on their negotations with the studios, the future of DivX on the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Wii and his plans to bring media convergence into the digital home.

One of our favorite quotes from the piece is Jordan talking about what it could mean if Microsoft added DivX playback to the Xbox 360:

The pressure would certainly be on and then it’s a matter of the politics of each organization. I would argue that on a pure market competitive basis, if Microsoft stepped up and put DivX on the Xbox, they would have a significant competitive advantage and the onus would be on to reduce that advantage by licensing DivX as well, but that doesn’t imply however the Sony would have the forethought to do it.

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