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Sharp AQUOS XS1 Series LCDs

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When we see a product like this, it makes us want to scream, “Gimmee!” Sharp’s new LCD TVs, the AQUOS XS1 Series, made their debut at CEATEC 2008 and feature an incredible 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Each HDTV is only 2.28cm thick and has 150% color representation with 450 cd/m2 brightness. Expected in Japan October 15, the 52-inch model will sell for ¥980,000 ($9,256.00,) while the 65-inch TV carries a ¥1,280,000 (~$12,092.00) price.

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Four Cams Are Better Than One When Parking

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Matsushita Cam SystemParking should get a wee bit easier now that Matsushita has designed an omni-directional camera system that displays the vehicle as if it was shot from above your car. Four previously available Panasonic 250,000-pixel rear view cams were placed on the front, rear, left, and right sides, while their images can be seen on an ECU navigational screen inside and synthesized to look like it is one image.

Previewed as a prototype at this year’s CEATEC 2007 in Japan, the company plans on releasing their device within the next year or so. We figure it will be useful around those pesky deer that try to grab our parking spaces when we go camping.

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OMFC Runs on Methanol

Toshiba OMFC

One of Toshiba’s latest prototypes is a portable media player that runs on a nearly 100% methanol fuel cell. Filled by the side face of the console, it features an indicator that shows the fuel level. Vapor that is created as a byproduct simply evaporates. The OMFC can run for about 10 hours with 1 seg playback. After debuting the PMP at this year’s CEATEC 2007, Toshiba says it will be available commercially sometime next year and is working on a fuel cartridge and a notebook equipped with a cell as well.


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JVC’s Clap On, Clap Off Television

JVC Hand Clap TV

JVC’s latest entry into the world of electronics is their “hand clap & gesture recognition” TV. Unveiled at the CEATEC 2007, you clap 3 times into its mic for a menu. A cam sitting atop the screen tracks your hand, thereby turning it into a tuner. Hook your finger and you click a button. There are also different clapping patterns for such features as volume control. There is no target date set for this prototype’s commercialization. While this is a definite advantage if you are one of those who had a “clap-on” signal for your remote control when it got lost, we are curious as to its response to a televised concert when the applause rolls around.


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DIY Keyboard For Carpenter Geeks

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Hacoa Keyboard

Hacoa, a Japanese company that makes wooden peripherals by hand, will soon be releasing a DIY USB keyboard kit. Announced at the recent CEATEC 2007, the Ki-Board DIY Kit is strictly for users who can use a saw and have assembly capability. We figure that since it takes the company an entire day to create one, they have decided to let us do all the work, and feel the pride while keeping Band-Aids in business. The kit will be available for JPY 34,800 (~$300.00.)


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Organic Blu-Rays Unveiled

Blu-ray DiscMitsubishi and Pioneer have developed BR-D discs made with organic materials, which should reduce the cost of making them. Announced at CEATEC 07 in Japan, the companies will not commercialize them until the end of this year or the beginning of the next. They also announced that they can burn them at a speed of 2x and are working on 4x with multiple layers. Wouldn’t it be nice if “organic” implied that they would be edible after they wear out? Mmmm, chocolate Blu-raspberry ray.

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