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NES Zapper Lamp

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NES Zapper LampWhat does one do if she/he still has some of their old Nintendo games and a Zapper gun lying around? In the case of “fluffypants,” you turn them into a lamp. Using an inexpensive lampshade, a pack of fun foam, and a cardboard base designed to look like the original Duck Hunt cartridge, she shows you full instructions to create your own. Maybe next week she will turn other Nes games into coasters or bookcases.

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NES Packed Inside Super Mario Bros. Cartridge

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Super Mario Nintendo

Recycling doesn’t get much cleverer than this. The folks at Kotomi took an original Nintendo game system and shoved it into a Super Mario Brothers cartridge. If you have ever taken one of them apart, you know that there is not that much to its innards to begin with, but we still applaud this prototype that has a has a finite on/off switch, a reset button, a power Del, 2 joystick ports, a port Famicom cartridge, a video output and stereo audio, and 6V input power.


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Bleeding Edge TV 152: Hitachi iVDR Technology

Hitachi is working on packing an insanely large amount of storage into an incredibly tiny space by way of their iVDR technology. We speak with Hitatchi about iVDR in this clip, where they mention squeezing 760 GB into a 2.5-inch sized drive. iVDR is expected to launch in April over in Japan, and a 160 GB module will likely cost around $300 USD. We get a look at a couple of prototype ideas as well, all in this clip.