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Video: The New ThunderCats Are Here!

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Cartoon Network is rebooting ThunderCats, and we’re pretty psyched. The big screen version of the cartoon is currently on hold, but there are still new adventures to be enjoyed. Thundera is still in danger... but thankfully, there is a hero who’s ready to take care of business. View the trailer for the new ThunderCats in the video above.

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Simon Cowell’s Animated Ambition

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Simon Cowell on The Simpsons

wants to create a cartoon series.

The music mogul - who earned an estimated $75 million last year - is a big fan of but admits he is jealous of its worldwide success.

“Their appeal is broad and it makes a lot of money. You kind of hate them for making so much money. It makes me physically sick knowing how much money they have made over the years,” he said. “Maybe I should start a cartoon one day.”

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Mix Tape: Weezer Needs Song Help, Def Leppard May Get Cartoon

Def Leppard's Joe Elliott-Def Leppard, the cartoon? The rockers are currently in talks to develop an animated series about themselves. Other branding opportunities, including cell phone apps and videogames, are on the table.

-Want to help out the recovering Rivers Cuomo? Then contribute a demo for Weezer’s new song “Shusui.”

-Guitarist John Frusciante has announced that he has officially left the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He claims his decision was based on different musicals interests, not drama.

-MTV News has just declared Lady Gaga their Woman of the Year. Does Kanye West have anything to say about that?

-A Michael Jackson tribute concert has officially been called off. Organizers, including Jermaine Jackson, were never able to secure headlining acts.

Sneak Listen: Controversial Family Guy Abortion Episode

The cast gathered recently for a live table read of the upcoming abortion issue, which has already made headlines in the media. So, did FOX’s animated prime time comedy tread very carefully around this hot-button issue? If you’ve got to ask, you just aren’t familiar with the show.

The episode, “Partial Terms of Endearment,” features a plot in which Lois Griffin (wife to title character Peter) becomes a surrogate mother for two friends. The couple goes on to die in a car accident, leaving Lois to ponder of the mysteries of life and possible abortion for the fetus she’s carrying. This story installment wouldn’t be dubbed “the abortion episode” if it didn’t feature Lois at least considering all her options.

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Futurama No Longer a Cartoon of the Past

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Following in ’s footsteps, Comedy Central will reprise a FOX cartoon that was canceled - six years ago!

, created by Matt Groening and dropped off the FOX prime time schedule in 2003 after four seasons, will have another day in the sun…er, space. The comedy, set in 2999, has sparked high DVD sales and plenty of syndication attention.

Enough, apparently, to warrant another run. The cable network has of the animated comedy, which are expected to air in 2010.

It’s not the first time FOX has made a mistake. Family Guy was can canceled by the network, but returned after three years of great success on the Cartoon Network.

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Family Guy’s Fate on FOX

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Family GuyHome of the nation’s number one show, 20th Century Fox will soon be paying one of their writer/producers one of the biggest salaries in TV. Here’s the twist: that person doesn’t work on .

Seth MacFarlane, creator of and American Dad, will become the best-paid writer/producer on TV thanks to his new contract. The agreement ensures that Family Guy will remain on the air until 2012, but it also covers a few other projects still in the till. Under the terms of the contract, MacFarlane will continue to pen episodes of American Dad as well as The Cleveland Show (a planned Family Guy spinoff). “I get a lot of pleasure out of making show,” said MacFarlane to the press. “It’s a bonus to get getting paid well for it, and it’s a double bonus to be getting paid exorbitantly for it.” The amount in question remains undisclosed, though it is expected to soar above the $60 million, five-year contract offered to J.J. Abrams (Lost) in 2006.

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Box Office Breakdown: Cloverfield Attacks the Charts


Final numbers for the three-day weekend revealed what many had suspected: toppled New York and the competition.  The strong numbers were a result of smart marketing.  In addition to the eerie trailers, the film debuted in January - usually a fairly quiet month for decent films.  Cloverfield’s $46 million take has already covered the movie’s budget (estimated at around $25 million).  That dollar amount also earned the flick the title for best MLK and January opener ever.

Although raked in $20 million less than the horror flick, had nothing to cry about.  Thanks to more strategic marketing - this time by - the film was able to take advantage of those looking for something less dark.  Dresses was originally scheduled to debut last week but was repositioned so it could open during the busy weekend.

Unfortunately, female focus on the romantic comedy didn’t help the female-filled .  The movie - co-starring , and - cashed out in 8th place.  This makes two disappointing debuts in a row for the Clan (the first being Tom’s ).  Let us not forget that Katie opted to do this film instead of the for her post-Tom movie return.  Come to think of it, maybe it was for the best.  I could just hear Tom telling us now that if he had known Heath was doing drugs, he would have cured Ledger himself.

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Box Office Breakdown: The Bucket List Rises to the Top

Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson

After placing 23rd last week, - starring and -  soared 22 spots to take the #1 spot this past weekend.  It seems a simple case of addition was all that was needed to accomplish this feat.  Up until now, the movie had only been playing in 16 theaters total; it expanded to nearly 3000 on Friday.  Bucket’s impressive finish was not only a win for 70-year-olds everywhere, it was a win for director .  His biggest opener had been 1992’s .  (That film grossed $15.5 million.)  Maybe Reiner should write Jack into all his films.

Debuting at #2 was the latest comedy.  , co-starring (30 Rock), earned an impressive $8000 per screen average.  That was the best median performance for any movie in this week’s Top Ten.  (, this week’s #17, averaged $14,421 over the past three days.)

Will this yesterday’s Golden Globes have any effect on financial future?  After only 4 weeks in release, the dark feature dropped off the chart and landed at #12.  Assuming theatergoers are still interested in watching potential nominees, I’m guessing the win for Best Comedy/Musical will give the movie a nice boost next weekend.

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Box Office Breakdown: Juno Makes An Impressive Surge


Come Wednesday morning, the box office chart saw very few changes at the top.  That’s not to say the five-day holiday weekend didn’t have any notable moments at all:

  • Strong word of mouth helped boost last week’s #10, , up five whole spaces.  The movie - already in it’s 4th week - continues to soar despite its fairly limited release.  It’s $15,788 per screen average even topped $14,232.
  • Golden Globes buzz also contributed to the success of seven-time nominee .  Although it only placed 14th overall, the romantic weeper scored a $15,764 average.
  • outmuscled last week’s #2, .  The family-friendly flick traded spots with the blockbuster thanks to its $2.5 million edge.
  • narrowly missed a place in the Top Ten despite its connection to both and .  You heard it right - the talk show host’s touch does not always mean gold.
  • followed up its disappointing debut with another out of tune performance.  The musical satire plummeted five spots all the way down to #13.

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Box Office Breakdown: Book of Secrets a National Hit

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

This holiday weekend introduced a slew of big-ticket features in our cineplexes.  It also brought us a wide cast of former Oscar-winners competing for our theater dollars.  By Monday, , , , , and Oscar-nominee had all made entries into the Top Ten - but it was who wound up striking gold.

earned $45 million, an increase of $10 million over the 2004 original.  This was the second hit for Cage this year, following the critically-panned Ghost Rider.  In addition to having the weekend’s best gross, Secrets also had the best average of any movie over those three days.  Although ‘s fourth place was respectable (especially for a politically-based film these days), its $3760 per screen take clearly set it apart from this week’s champ.  In contrast, earned an $11,184 average for an impressive 10th place finish.

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