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T-Mobile launches ‘No More Mr. Nice Girl’ brand campaign (video!)

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T-Mobile No More Mr Nice Girl

This morning, T-Mobile released the full version of its new "No More Mr. Nice Girl" campaign, which sees its spokesmodel, Carly, ditching the magenta dresses the normally wears in exchange for a magenta and black leather jumpsuit. She then hops on a Ducati and drives off, which we guess signifies that the company is no longer playing games and is getting serious about competing. We don't really know. I mean, if that were true, then they'd stop referring to HSPA+ as 4G, but, that seems to be the cornerstone of the new campaign. Ah well. At least Carly looks cool. Peep the commercial spot for yourself after the jump.

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General Hospital’s Underground Fan Favorite

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Carolyn+HennesyWhether by accident or by design sometimes an actor considered a bit player or non-essential to a TV show’s main storyline becomes an underground fan favorite.

Meet a.k.a. Diane Miller on General Hospital.  Hennesy is one of those actresses who probably gets a lot of people coming up to her and saying, “Didn’t we go to high school together?” or “Weren’t you my brother’s divorce attorney?” The 46-year old classically trained actress looks so familiar because she works steadily in Hollywood and has for years.

Hennesy’s IMBd.com page lists bit parts in everything from Dawson’s Creek to Moesha to Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare but so far none of those roles have launched her into that fabled realm of name-recognition stardom.

Some fans think that should change.  A few have even launched a write-in campaign on various soap opera message boards to get Henessey’s character a life and storyline of her own.

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