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Actress Brittany Murphy Dies at Age 32

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Brittany MurphyUPDATE: A coroner’s official says Murphy may have died of natural causes.

Actress , best known for her work on 1995’s Clueless, was pronounced dead today in Los Angeles. She was only 32.

According to reports, Murphy was discovered unconscious by her mother in her shower. A call from the home of Simon Monjack, Brittany’s husband of 2 1/2 years, was made around 8:00 AM.

Paramedics attempted to revive the 8 Mile star who had apparently gone into cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Although Brittany has not starred in any big screen hit in some time, she had been the subject of recent tabloid talk. In late November, Murphy was replaced on a film being shot in Puerto Rico. It was rumored that that Brittany and Simon’s questionable behavior - including possible drug use - was behind her dismissal. This recast lead to an SNL skit on December 5. (You can view that clip after the jump.)

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Jackson Family Meets with LAPD

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Michael Jackson, there are still some questions surrounding the untimely death of recording legend Michael Jackson. TMZ is reporting that Katherine, Joe and “several brothers” met with police officers at the pop star’s home earlier today.

The site says that both sides wanted the meeting - the family to learn more about Jackson’s death, the police to gain information that might help them determine the cause of the crooner’s fatal cardiac arrest. This meeting ended the same day.

TMZ has also reported that Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s physician, sent a letter to his patients less than two weeks ago. In the letter, the doctor informed them he would be leaving his medical practice. “I am deeply saddened to leave you at this point, but please know my absence is not permanent,” the letter reads.

ET has as he was being treated by paramedics - the last-known photograph taken of the singer during his life. Michael Jackson was 50 at the time of his death Thursday afternoon. The “King of Pop,” he enjoyed extreme success in the music industry, with a career that spanned four decades.

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Video: Michael Jackson Dies, A Look at His Lean Illusion

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Michael Jackson died today, and since I grew up with the man who many would argue is one of the greatest entertainers of all time, I thought we’d do a tribute to one of the cooler pieces of tech that played into his dance moves. If you remember the Smooth Criminal video, he did an amazing lean. We know the video used special effects to make that look as good as it did, but he also incorporated that lean into his live show.

In the video above, you see that Michael and his dancers have special shoes that seem to hook into the stage, allowing them to lean. Notice how one of his backup dancers gets his foot stuck and has to shake it loose afterwards.

We’ll miss you, Michael.